Dream Seeds – A Guided Meditation



Length: 22:04

Dream Seeds – A Guided Meditation will inspire you to recapture the dreams you’ve held closely, but haven’t realized quite yet. This guided meditation will bring you back to a place of remembering. Besides believing that all things are possible, that impossible is really I’m Possible. In this heartfelt, emotionally charged meditation, you will reconnect to your deepest values, and find yourself also reconnecting to humanity.

Remember those days as a child when things were more free, full of energy, and you could do anything? Your couch turned into a hidden world of forts, sticks became swords, the bath towel became your SuperMan cape, and you dreamed of all the things you would become when you grew up. In this guided meditation, we’ll shift from our inward space of the North Direction to awaken our soul from its winter slumber, and with that, awaken the creative and inspired spirit inside us. We’ll plant the seeds of the garden we wish to create in our lives and begin manifesting our sacred purpose in the here and now.


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