Earth Cloud Tribe

As a member of the Earth Cloud Clan, you will be joining a community of soul seekers who are walking the same path as you. Joining the ECC gives you access to a supportive community and the following benefits:

  • Luminary Circles – The focus circles we have available will help you expand your connections. These groups include Root Down, Rise Up (conversations about the rise of the Divine Feminine), Two-Spirit Rainbow Warriors (a safe place for the LGBTQ Community); Soap Box (a supportive and safe place for your rants about the world); Page Turners (a book club hosted by two of our recent graduates); The Sober Shaman (a group for those in addiction recovery); Off the Couch (a nurturing, safe place for therapists and licensed counselors to share and speak freely); Gratitude Grotto (our collective gratitude journal); and Walking Sticks (a walking club where we can share our discoveries in nature).
  • Moon Rituals – There is a ritual shared each month by Morrigan Ravenheart for the New Moon and Full Moon, which you can undertake on your own and share with other members of the community.
  • Tribe – People in the Earth Cloud Clan who span the globe are the most powerful aspect of the tribe. We hold space for one another, and we support each other on our path as individuals and as a collective. Having the chance to share freely without judgment with a group of people is rare, and when you find it, you don’t want to let it slip away. That’s what you’ll find here.

You’ll be a member of the Tribe for 3 months. If you would like to purchase more time, you can increase the quantity in your cart. Every single quantity equals 3 months.


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Shaman's Rattle Magic

A shamanic rattle is a powerful tool that can be used for symbolic purposes in spiritual work. It is often used to represent the beginning of a journey or to invite healing energy into a space. It can also be used to mark the passing of time, set an intention, or call upon ancestral spirits. The sound of the rattle can also help shake off negativity and clear energy blockages. Ultimately, its symbolism is tied to its spiritual purpose and how it’s used by each individual practitioner.

This interactive 6-week course gives you the opportunity to create something special and magical. With guidance from Dakota, you’ll make your own special shamanic rattle in a way that honors and celebrates each stage of the process. Every step of your creation is infused with intention, prayer, and connection for a truly transformational experience.

You will begin by shifting into the spirit of the animal whose hide you use for making your rattle. Through this practice, you’ll gain a deeper insight into the elements and symbolism behind creating your rattle. Assemble your unique combination of materials, nurture it with sacred waters and stitch your intentions in with reverence as every action comes from consciousness. By investing yourself into each component, you’re making an object full of powerful purposeful energy.

Then finally it's time to awaken or ‘bless’ your new shamanic rattle – sensing its vital essence activated within all its parts - before taking pleasure in hearing its sound in its full power and grace! Three classes will be live while the other three are available as downloadable audio/video to complete at home or in nature if desired. All live classes are also recorded so they can be reviewed after class if desired.

Be inspired and empowered by this ritualistic process of pouring love into every detail - whether it’s a simple or challenging experience for you our goal is for it to be authentically transformative! So exchange the ordinary mundane routine for something extraordinary – a journey through Shamanic Rattle Magic today!

Shamanic Breathwork Session

Shamanic breathwork is a powerful practice used to access heightened states of consciousness, open up blocked energy, and connect to spiritual realms. Benefits of this type of breathwork include stress reduction, emotional clearance, increased mental clarity and focus, profound physical relaxation, and an improved connection with the self. Shamanic breathwork can also help awaken a deeper awareness of the power within as well as our connection to nature, spirit guides, ancestors, and ultimately all that exists in the cosmos. It is a powerful tool for transformation, healing, and personal growth.

Escape into a safe and sacred space, just for you. Connect to and discover your Inner Landscapes through Shamanic Breathwork.

Dakota and her experienced and trained Gaia Team will facilitate and hold sacred space as well as lead you through the journey of the inner soul-scape. Let their healing music transport you on an inner journey through breath, giving permission to explore your subconscious in a secure and supportive setting. You'll gain insight into who you are while connecting with like-minded people.

Shamanic Breathwork is an invitation to create your own reality from within – using your breath and energy as the tools to reunite yourself with your true essence and passion. No matter what areas of life that need stabilizing - Shamanic Breathwork is here to assist in releasing blocks held deep inside the body. Provide yourself an opportunity for growth as new ideas take shape, allowing for healing as love floods into all crevices that have been awaiting its arrival!

Join Dakota and her team today, as you witness firsthand what this form of self-discovery can do for one’s spirit - giving access to a powerful alignment that can speak louder than any words ever will.


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