Earth Meets Water

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Length: 37.20

In this moving meditation we focus on the opening, releasing, and balancing of the Root Chakra (Earth) and our Sacral Chakra (Water). The piece moves through music and gentle guidance as we discover and uncover the kaleidoscope of energy housed in these two chakras. For the best use of this journey allow yourself to be in a private, safe space where you can freely move and dance. Play the music as loud as you are able, use a blindfold to immerse yourself in the experience and after the journey, create a piece of art depicting your experience.

1 review for Earth Meets Water

  1. Caitrine Hellenga

    I enjoyed moving to the different pieces of music designed to open both the root and sacral chakras. This is the first time I have seen a guided meditation that links these two together and I thought was very helpful. Usually people guide opening just one chakra or all of them. This gave me a new perspective on the sacral chakra which I have always found the hardest for me to open. Thank you!

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