Earth Walker – Single Session/Payment Plans 2pmt

$223.50 / month for 2 months


What Your Membership Includes:

Core Curriculum

9-Weeks of Shamanic, Druidic Teachings delivered via PDF download AND audio version. All the teachings are derived from Dakota’s 30+ years of teaching, living, and studying Shamanism, Native American Spirituality, Druidic and Celtic Mythology, and Witchery Studies. The material is unique, deep, focused, inspiring, and practical.

Guided Meditations

You’ll receive a total of 12 Guided Shamanic Meditations which support the coursework and the energy of the direction we are currently in.

Bonus Course

Introduction to the Medicine Wheel Bonus Course which explains the basics of the Medicine Wheel teachings with both Druidic and Shamanic as the foundation.

Weekly Coaching/Workshop Calls

Weekly live group coaching, community time, and workshop with Dakota. We meet via video conference and alternate weeks between coaching/community and workshops. These calls are recorded so you can catch the replay if you miss the live call.

Community Forum

We have a robust, and extremely active community through the Student Portal Website. It’s not only a place for lively conversations but a vast resource for added tools and exercises. A lot of love and brain power has gone into creating a very interactive and engaged community forum.

Additional information

Direction Sessions

Visionary/East, Sacred Heart Warrior/South, Alchemist/West, Soul Shaman/North

Payment Plans

Pay in Full, 2 Payments


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