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These Immersive Guided Journeys are layered with sound, music, and voice. To get the most out of this experience, please wear headphones. Look to the gallery pics for more ways to get the most out of your immersive experience. Enjoy the journey!

Embodying the Love of Our Spirit Guides


Length: 37:31

There is a profound connection, tangible connection, and life-altering relationship between us and our spirit guides. Your Soul Pod consists of these spirits, who guide you through life to ensure you remain true to your path. Dakota’s guided meditation opens your senses, imagination, chakras, and helps you to become fully present here and now. This space invites our Spirit Guides to surround us with their love and call forth the Spirit Guide that will best serve us right now. Through exploration, you’ll discover their gifts, and you’ll connect with their wisdom and love. As we embody this love, we are reminded we are never alone and give ourselves direction to find our way.

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