Illuminating the Shadow Soul



The shadow is the parts of ourselves hiding in the corners of our unconscious psyche. These are the parts of ourselves that we have rejected, or they have caused us to have a moral conflict. By illuminating them, we begin the process of integration and self-acceptance. Use this meditation bundle to explore the hidden secrets you carry and integrate them to lead you to a full spectrum life.


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Finding Our Abandoned Soul

Length: 24:24

Today we open our chakras and travel through the multiverse in search of that part of ourselves we abandoned long ago. We then integrate it back into our ethereal body with the help of our spirit guides.

Shadow Soul Shaman

Length: 31:22

Our outer world will always reflect our inner world and vice versa. In this guided meditation we open up the shaman within us and we work inwardly by looking at the shadow sides of ourselves, we embrace the light and the dark and make the changes needed in order to create the world we most want.

The Shape Shifter

In this guided meditation we utilize the power of our breath to clear our chakras one by one before traveling to the lower world where we will shape shift into an animal spirit being.

The Warrior and the Shadow

Length: 28:38

In this guided meditation we confront our shadow sides and rise up the Warrior within us. You may also download the worksheet that will help you in this journey. It would be best if you fill out the worksheet prior to the journey.


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