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The Journey Bundles are four curated journeys encompassing the overall theme of the bundle. Each journey builds on the previous one.

In the Octave of Gratitude


We cannot carry both anger and gratitude, or fear and gratitude, because gratitude is the second highest frequency we can carry. Gratitude changes us in every way. With this meditation bundle, you’ll be able to change your perspective, dip into the well of gratitude, and fill yourself with grace and love.

Changing Perspectives

Length: 26:11

When we change our perspective a bit, we can better see the big picture of life and our journey. This journey allows us to gain a greater appreciation for where we have been as well as where we are going.

I Am Grateful

Length: 33:13

We cannot experience both gratitude and pain simultaneously since gratitude is the second highest frequency we can carry. Experience gratitude in this guided immersive experience, transforming the way you experience life and allowing you to carry gratitude into your everyday life.


Length: 21:37

Our journey today explores how we can both give and receive grace within our heart space, becoming more conscious and deliberate with our actions, words, and beings.

Giving What We Have

Length: 43:55

As Wayne Dyer said, "You cannot give what you do not have inside, become an instrument of love". Sometimes we forget how powerful, grounded, creative, loving, authentic, and connected we truly are. Dakota walks you through each chakra one at a time during this guided meditation in order to uncover the good and wonderful parts of ourselves and to envision how we can apply that to the world.

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