Inner Sanctuary – A Guided Meditation

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Inner Sanctuary – A Guided Meditation will lead you into a sacred circle of transformation releasing anything not serving you. Where you find within the inner sanctuary of your heart, the seed of your soul. Often, we forget who we are, and this seed lies dormant within. You’ll breathe life back into this seed, allowing you to remember once more, the soul inside.

Choose either 5, 10 or 20-minute version of this meditation.

First Overture – Fire (05 Minutes)
In this first overture, you’ll wake up your root chakra and tap into your tribal warrior soul and breathe clarity into this moment. You’ll find a seed in your heart to foster and set your intentions for the day. Don’t let 5 minutes fool you, this would be a great start to your day.

Second Overture – Metamorphosis (10 Minutes)
You will enjoy the first overture which leads you from the tribal root into a softer, more heart-centered space where you will continue nurturing the seed to full bloom.

Third Overture – The Rising (20 Minutes)
The third overture contains the first two overtures and continues as you add in breathwork and with your breath, become a witness to your own becoming. Emerge from the experience renewed and deeply connected to your inner sanctuary.

*Headphones are suggested for this journey.


Comments from Meditators on Inner Sanctuary – A Guided Meditation

Have listened to this 20 times today….I live on dene land in the face northern part of Canada where drum dances, sweat lodges and sacred circles are a way of life so every time I listened I was in a circle drumming. Loved it. Also love First Nations and their spirituality. I could hear the ancestors in the background. Well done!” Nancy, Canada

“Thank you 🙏 Dakota

It was perfect for me, I released a lot of emotion I had tears pouring down my face at one point. I struggle to love and receive myself but am very loving and giving to others but am aware that it is important to have self love. I have grown up, like many living by society rules which has for most my life has clipped my wings. I’ve never minded being different, not part of the gang but at her same time never been 100% me. I have grown so much spiritually over the past few years managing bit by bit to let it go, and finding the person that is truly me. I have now hopefully planted that seed, a rebirth and released all that no longer serves me Love and light “ Debbie, UK

“Wow, amazing experience, thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻I did it twice. The first time came a deep release from the depth of my soul, creating space for the second time for joy to emerge. Bringing my light and love into the world.” Catherine, USA

“I want to/need to this again and again. I actually listened to this in the bath and it was heavenly. Loved the transitions through different energy spaces and loved your voice and the music all around. Next time I’ll definitely try it with headphones. Thank you dear soul Dakota. 🙏🏼🌸💖” Katrina, USA

“That was incredible!

I listen to with headphones as recommended. I loved how the intense music in the beginning gives way to peaceful, delicate music. Your words, your wisdom guided me as always. Thank you!” Anna Katherine, Bainbridge Island

“That was more profound than I could have imagined. I just healed a deep forgotten wound that has been holding me back for decades. I gave up on my strength and power long long ago, and hadn’t realized there was some forgiveness of self and others that was finally ready to be seen and let go. This timing is amazing and I am so moved and grateful. 1000 blessings. 🙏🙏🙏” Ali

“Omg, this is one of the most Beautiful and Powerful offerings I have ever experienced! Thank you so much, I will come back to this! Blessings to you dear Soul!!” Joni, USA

“Thank you, Dakota, for this extremely powerful and transformative meditation. I was entirely moved and swept up into another dimension, a new experience of myself. I will come back to this again and again. Namaste 🙏 ” Frederique, USA

“Deeply touched by this meditation- wonderful immersive sounds awakening the resilient warrior and connecting to the Native American spirit. Thank you for this experience, Dakota!! 🙏🏼” Becca, Tel Aviv

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05 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 20 Minutes

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  1. Jan De Bondt

    I love these very immersive meditations. The sound, your calm voice… Within 5 minutes it released a lot of stuck emotions.

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