Into the Womb



Length: 30:13 Your journey takes you to a ritual fire in the forest where your ancestor awaits and bears witness to your releasing of all that no longer serves you or what has held you back. Momma Bear will then guide you to the womb of Mother Earth, where you will meet your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, and Power Animal, where they will take you to a magical world full of mystery and remembrance. It is here where you will begin unearthing the long-dormant seeds of your soul that help you to remember who you are and why you are here and your sacred purpose. This guided meditation brings our West Direction/Alchemist energy to a close and opens the space for us to cross the threshold into the North Direction of the Soul Shaman. The Soul Shaman is a time to go inward, to work on our connection to our spirit team, and to tap back into the deep well of wisdom within each of us.


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