Love Warrior Meditation Immersion



The Love Warrior Immersion – This Immersion has 3 “overtures” as we begin our journey into the South Direction with unearthing our Emotions through an exploration of our emotional body. We then move into the Relationship phase where we dive into the inner beloved and what we hold sacred. We end our journey by looking from a new Waking Up about our lives and how we go forward into living a heart-centered life.

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Seven Sacred Pools
Length: 30:58

In this journey, you will travel to the three worlds of non-ordinary reality and shapeshift into various forms of water to cleanse, balance, and open your chakras.

Empowering the Soul
Length: 30:41

Sometimes we lose our power, and it leaves us disconnected. In today’s journey, we reconnect to our divine essence and tap back into that universal flow of energy and empowerment. We empower ourselves to step back into our full divinity and become who we are meant to be.

The Alchemy of Anger
Length: 21.53

Anger, when expressed healthily, can be a tremendous ally and teacher for us. Anger that is internalized or turns to rage or expressed in an unhealthy way can be detrimental to us – and others. In today’s guided meditation, Dakota takes you through the energy of anger and helps you to transmute it into a resourceful, and powerful ally.

Mending the Emotions
Length: 40:30

Our emotions, when not felt fully and freely, can clog the energy within us. If we hold onto emotions which don’t serve us, we can end up in disease. In today’s guided meditation we explore some of the emotions that might be holding us back from fully living.


Sacred Love
Length: 23:41

We each seek love at its most pure and deep state. In this guided meditation, we will call upon Archangel Sophia, the angel of love, to help guide us to the Higher Soul of our soul mate. Be shown how to navigate through any blocks that might keep you from experiencing this love, and spend time connecting to this love of your soul.

Inner Beloved
Length: 32:01

This journey takes you into a world of self-discovery, finding those parts of ourselves that are beautiful, magnificent, and worthy of our love. Inner Beloved is about falling in love with the spirit of who you are.

Reuniting with Your Twin Flame
Length: 29:39

When our Soul is born, it splits into two, creating two souls who will traverse time and space, each one on their path. Often, they are complete opposites to make a complete whole. And when the time is right, these two halves come together. In today’s journey, we go to the spirit plane to meet our twin soul.

The Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
Length: 55:05

This journey takes you through a moving, invigorating and beautiful dance between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine which we each embody. In this chakra aligned journey, we travel through the chakras, waking up both energies and marrying them within each chakra. Travel through tribal beats of the root chakra, the sensual sounds of the sacral, the powerful notes of the solar plexus, the heart opening sounds and rising into the remaining chakras giving voice to the masculine and feminine energies. Once the third eye is activated, we can then reconnect these energies to the spiritual realm through the crown chakra. This is a powerful journey.

Waking Up

Fire in the Belly
Length: 37:07

Igniting the fire in our belly helps us to tap back into our intuition, our creativity, and our vibrancy. We ignite the inner flame that propels us forward and also deeper, it awakens the senses and gives us a breath of fresh air into our sometimes-stagnant life.

Earth Meets Water
Length: 37.20

In this moving meditation, we focus on the opening, releasing, and balancing of the Root Chakra (Earth) and our Sacral Chakra (Water). The piece moves through music and gentle guidance as we discover and uncover the kaleidoscope of energy housed in these two chakras. For the best use of this journey allow yourself to be in a private, safe space where you can freely move and dance. Play the music as loud as you are able, use a blindfold to immerse yourself in the experience and after the journey, create a piece of art depicting your experience.

Ignite Your Inner Fire
Length: 28:12

In today’s journey, we use Shamanic Breathwork to ignite our inner fire. We work on the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras today, waking up our power and our intuition.

Loving Unconditionally
Length: 34:05

When we love unconditionally, we give ourselves the gift of freedom. We view the world around us from the perspective of our higher self and can attract into our life all that is beautiful and deep, and connected. In this guided meditation, we open the heart to allow ourselves to step fully into unconditional love – both by giving and receiving.

The Love of Gaia
Length: 29:42

Take a journey into the center of our earth, using the Schumann Resonance and the sounds of Mother Earth as we reconnect with her deeply and profoundly. This guided meditation utilizes the power of vibration, frequencies, powerful breathwork and more.

Waking Your Inner Kid
Length: 22:47

Return to the innocence of your childhood, seeing your world through the fearless eyes you once had. During this journey, you will commune with the helping spirits of your guides, animals of the forest, and spirit guides as you uncover those lost dreams you had while growing up and tap into that joy of playfulness.


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