Marriage of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

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This journey takes you through a moving, invigorating and beautiful dance. Clearly between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine which we each embody. In this chakra aligned journey we travel through the chakras, waking up both energies. Along with marrying them within each chakra. Travel through tribal beats of the root chakra, the sensual sounds of the sacral, the powerful notes of the solar plexus, the heart opening sounds and rising up into the remaining chakras giving voice to the masculine and feminine energies. Once the third eye is activated we can then reconnect these energies to the spiritual realm through the crown chakra.  This is a powerful journey…

2 reviews for Marriage of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

  1. Lee-Ann

    This was an amazing clearing and journey. I haven’t felt this aligned in a long time. This meditation will most definitely become one of my regulars.

  2. Annette

    This is one of my fav journeys! I listen to it a lot. It does a fab job mixing the feminine and masculine aspects of our chakras which provides a great setting for both moving journeys and still journeys. Love it!!!!

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