Medicine of the Animals



In this meditation bundle, you’ll work with Animal Medicine to enrich your life and move you forward. Animals are great conveyors of messages and medicine from the spiritual world. They have one foot, paw, fin, wing in the spiritual world, and the other in this world. They move seamlessly between the worlds. You’ll discover your power animal, learn to shape-shift, and work on the shadow soul while tapping into the wisdom of the animals.


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Finding Your Power Animal

In this guided meditation we go to the Lower World to find and connect with our Power Animal. This is a helping spirit and ally who conspires for our highest good and has great medicine to offer us to assist on us on our life and soul path.

Shape Shifting into Our Power Animal

Length: 39:02

Shape shifting is finding the energetic frequency of another being, and matching our energy to that we wish to shift into. In this guided meditation we shape shift into another being, particularly a power animal from the Lower World so that we can learn and perceive our messages for our highest good. We'll use the power of our breath to power our way into this new form.

The Crow's Feather

In this guided meditation, you will shape-shift into the Crow. The Crow Medicine brings us messages, magic, and a new perspective. Crow’s teach us to be mindful, to not judge others or ourselves.

The Dark Forest

Length: 31:22

In this guided meditation we bring in the medicine of the two power animals, panther and owl, to witness the shadow aspects of ourselves and helps us to transform our shadow side into profound gifts.


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