Medicine of the Animals

You will enrich your life and move forward by working with Animal Medicine in this meditation bundle. Animals carry messages and medicine from the spiritual world. They have one foot, paw, fin, and wing in the spiritual world, and the other in this world. They move seamlessly between the worlds. You will discover your power animal, learn to shape-shift, and work on your shadow soul while tapping into the wisdom of animals.


Finding Your Power Animal

Length: 39:55

In this guided meditation, we travel to the Lower World to find and connect with our Power Animal. This helping spirit animal has great medicine to share with us to assist us with our life and soul journey. For a deeper experience, purchase the track "Dance Your Power Animal" to help you fully embody and connect with this wonderful and helpful spirit.


Shape Shifting into Our Power Animal

Length: 39:02

The process of shape-shifting involves finding the energy frequency of another being and matching our energy with that frequency. In this guided meditation we shapeshift into another being, especially a power animal from the Lower World so that we can learn and perceive our messages for our highest good. As we shift into this new form, we will use our breath to propel us forward.

The Crow's Feather

Using The Crow's Feather, you will transform into the Crow, giving us messages, magic, and a new perspective. Crows teach us to stay mindful and not judge others or ourselves. They live in the void and have no sense of time, so are able to witness the past, present, and future simultaneously. Their Sacred Law is unconditional love, and they provide us with insight into our own lives. Take stock of your own messages and omens as you journey on the wings and feathers of the crow.

The Dark Forest

Length: 31:22

In this guided meditation we bring in the medicine of the two power animals, panther, and owl, to witness the shadow aspects of ourselves and help us to transform our shadow side into profound gifts.


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