Mini Immersion: Connecting to the Divine



This 3-Part Mini Immersion focuses on re-aligning you with your spirit guides and helping spirits.

Each meditation comes with a Deepening the Experience / Tools for Practice section.

Meditations Included in this Immersion:

Deepening With your Guides

Length: 40:51

Our Spirit Guides have been with us from the first breath we took in this life. They are here to guide us, support us, love us. In today’s journey we spend time deepening our relationship to them and honoring the role they play in our life.

Finding Your Power Animal

Length: 39:55

In this guided meditation we go to the Lower World to find and connect with our Power Animal. This is a helping spirit and ally who conspires for our highest good and has great medicine to offer us to assist on us on our life and soul path.

Deepen your experience by purchasing our other track “Dance Your Power Animal” to help you to fully embody and connect with this wonderful and helping spirit.

Understanding the Messages

Length: 31:26

This guided journey gives you a chance to integrate the deep messages you receive from your guides and from your various spiritual practices. You will clear and open your chakras and then with a powerful and moving soundtrack of music that flows through each chakra, you will travel through each of your chakras one by one to integrate the message fully.


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