Mini Immersion: Heart Opening



This 3 Part mini Immersion helps you to live a more heart centered space.

Each meditation comes with a Deepening the Experience / Tools for Practice section.

The meditations included in this Immersion are:

The Apple Tree – Heart Opening

Length: 29:06

In order to live within our place of divinity and connection, we must live in our heart space. To open our heart by connecting fully and deeply to someone or someplace. In this guided meditation we witness this connection through a single tree, the Grandmother Tree.

From Ego to Soul

Length: 26:40

Sometimes we get immersed in our ego and not enough in our soul. In today’s journey we consciously move ourselves out of our ego and more into the innate wisdom, and unconditional love which can be found in our heart space, the place where we connect to our soul.

Journey to Your Higher Self

Length: 39:01

Our higher self is the part of us which is always connected, always tapped into the Source of all. This is the part of us that resides outside of ego and utilizes a wisdom based out of love and compassion. By tapping back into this side, we open our hearts even wider. In this guided meditation we do just that … we take a journey to reconnect.


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