Mini Immersion: Into the Fire



This 3-Part Mini Immersion focuses on transforming the shadow pieces into strengths, re-birth, and changing your perspective.

Each meditation comes with a Deepening the Experience / Tools for Practice section.

Meditations included in this Immersion:

Shadow Spirits

Length: 31:22

In this guided meditation we travel and explore a few layers of the Lower World, meeting with our Power Animal and then with a Shadow Spirit who will help us to recognize where we are hiding in the shadows. Our Power Animal will help us assimilate the information, and help you in balancing this shadow aspect of yourself.

Changing Perspectives

Length: 26:11

Sometimes we just need to change our view slightly so that we can see the big picture. This journey helps us to view our lives and our path in such a way that we can gain a greater appreciation for the places we’ve been and where we are heading.

Rise of the Phoenix

Length: 29:37

We make a conscious, and deliberate decision as to who we birth ourselves into being. What do we need to have more in our life? Who do we hope to become and be? What do we need to experience more? In this guided meditation you will step into the fire and transform yourself through the alchemy of fire, burning off all that no longer serves you and emerging as the mythical and powerful Phoenix.


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