Mini-Immersion: Sacred Purpose



This 3 part Mini Meditation takes you on a journey of discovering your Sacred Purpose.

Each meditation comes with a Deepening the Experience / Tools for Practice section.

The Meditations included in this Immersion:

Planting the Seeds

Length: 31:22

Planting seeds is about inspiring new changes, dreams, and planting a garden that yields the type of life we most desire. What we plant now will be the crop we harvest in years to come. What seeds are you planting? In this guided meditation you will have a chance to create the garden of your dreams and give birth to your sacred purpose.

Sacred Purpose

Length: 27:54

In this guided meditation we visit our sacred purpose and how that might show up in our lives and how we can begin embodying our sacred purpose into every aspect of our life. We work with the East direction, a time of working with our dreams, ideas, clarity and perspective. With this powerful energy of the East, we can put action into fulfilling this sacred purpose.

Envisioning Our Lives

Length: 23:51

This guided meditation is to help you access where you are in your life and to manifest the life we most wish for. You’ll go through the various areas of your life, see what changes need to be made, and what you would need to do to be living into your highest potential.


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