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Twin Flames: Reuniting with Our Twin Flame

**This meditation has received over 770,000 listens on YouTube alone. It is one of the most popular TF meditations out there. This particular version of the meditation is different than the YouTube version (it’s better!) but the result is equally powerful.

In today’s meditation you will experience a reunion with your twin flame and before I begin I would like to talk about the importance of connecting with your twin flame during this important time of our conscious evolution. A twin flame by definition is a part of your original soul spark and at the birthing of your consciousness your soul was divided into two. The male, the female – the yin and the yang energies and these two parts of your soul then went on to incarnate into two separate lineages. Each lineage has had multiple incarnations. You each have learned and applied your Earth-school lessons time and time again. You have gone through trials and tribulations and relationships and hardships and suffering as well as joy, love, passion and so forth. And most twin flames are never together until they meet in what will be their last lifetime their last incarnation. We stand now in a beautiful and critical time in the midst of our soul evolution on this planet. As we move into the Divine Feminine, we move into a space of Oneness. We surrender our separateness to something much grander and more all-encompassing than ever before and as a result of this shift in our planetary consciousness many people are being reunited with their twin flame at this time. This reunion completes the fulfillment of returning to a state of Oneness. You may find your twin flame in either the physical reality or in an ethereal dimension. Time and space as we understand it does not exist in a linear fashion, it’s dynamic, and it’s fluid. It’s happening simultaneously and experiencing it as such will move you into the fifth dimension with greater ease and understanding. You will know your twin flame when you experience their energy. There often is a pull from your chakras towards each other. There is a feeling of complete and unconditional love like you have never experienced before in any of your lifetimes. There will be a strong sense of telepathy and comfort and an all-knowing within yourself, within your heart chakra. Your twin flame may appear either as a male or a female, old or young but it will most often feel like the piece of you that has been gone for a very, very long time. And if you have a lot of Yin or feminine energy, then your twin flame may feel more Yang or masculine or vice versa when they show up. Twin flames reunite to fulfill a spiritual service for the world as well and your original spark contracted to come together once again in a true spiritual partnership so that you may offer this wholeness to the Universal pool of consciousness. This is why so many are coming together at this time as we help ease the world into this next age of enlightenment and being. During this meditation I will guide you to a space where you will meet your twin flame. You may already be in physical involvement with your twin at this time, if so and you are aware of this, then you will be meeting with your higher self to learn more about what your spiritual offering to the world may entail. If you are meeting your twin for the first time, just be open to the possibility of absolutely no limitations. Your twin may show up in a way you never expected. We will learn as much as we can about our twin during this meditation with the hopes of reconnecting to that part of ourselves that will ultimately make us whole.



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