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Rise of the Phoenix

(30 customer reviews)

Length: 29:37

During Rise of the Phoenix, you will be guided to transform and rebirth. As we birth ourselves into being, we make a conscious decision as to who we wish to be. How can we have more in our life? Who would we wish to become and be? How can we experience more in our lives? In this guided meditation, you will step into the fire and transform yourself through the alchemy of fire, burning off all that does not serve you anymore and emerging as the mythical and powerful Phoenix.


30 reviews for Rise of the Phoenix

  1. Lisette

    Absolute amazing experience… I went so deep.. relived my whole life, saw my guides, grandmother, and Spiritual trachers surrounding me and guiding me through the process.. My whole body was glowing. Going through divorce situation and battling skin cancer.. I know this was a life changing experience for me! So grateful! Thank you Dakota .. Blessing to you Lisette from The Netherlands

  2. Insight Timer

    Steve Z
    ✨YES✨ Honestly all these soft and serene meditations have not been helping me to release my stuck energy. The forceful pranayama in this ceremony awakened transformative energy and helped me clear some shit! If you feel stuck and want to burn some karmas NOW then try this! I will definitely do this one again as well as investigate more from this guide.

  3. Insight Timer

    Daniel – Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
    Excuse my French but fucking unbelievable. A+

  4. Insight Timer

    Kat – Lochgilphead, Scotland
    Powerful, particularly if aquatinted previously with shamanic practice. I have used this ‘meditation/ journey guide’ twice now. I have experienced a tangible acrid burning in my nostrils both times and this time, with my intentions better in place, my hands tingled SO powerfully I felt like they were glowing! They still are….10 mins later…..and much negativity has definitely shifted. AHO! Thank you for your guidance….very supportive.

  5. Insight Timer

    M – Tampa, FL, USA
    It was hard to keep up with the breath so I gave up on trying to. Other than that the visualization was amazing and allowed me to get in touch with things that were bothering me. It’s hard to feel those emotions and this got me to stop resisting.

  6. Insight Timer

    Jennifer Van Cott
    What an experience. Cultivating the negative emotional feelings and feeling them deeply to analyze was helpful for me to ask myself why haven’t I been able to let things go. Then to conjure them mindfully and not be upset about having these feelings. It was an experience I have never had or sat down to critically think about my negative feelings and possible biases, without them being triggered as reflex response or ruminative thoughts

  7. Insight Timer

    One of my favorites. Thank you!

  8. Insight Timer

    Rosemary – Athina, Greece
    WOW! That was a amazing journey! Thank you!

  9. Insight Timer

    daniel – Los Angeles
    The best experience I have ever had meditating, really was at a time where i need some reassurance and balance in my life. I feel awakened and powerful.

  10. Insight Timer

    Nat – Panama City, FL, USA
    Phenomenal journey & release. The speed & intensity of the Shamanic breathing is vital for the deep connection to the other realm. Know yourself & know exactly what it is you want to release. This works! Super grateful

  11. Insight Timer

    Keenan – Austin

  12. Insight Timer

    Kristi Ana – Cardiff by the Sea
    Wow…what an amazing journey…I am enlightened, inspired and free! Thank you. Namaste

  13. Insight Timer

    Margie – Crested Butte, CO, USA
    I have no words. I am changed.

  14. Insight Timer

    Sue – Marysville Indiana
    Wow this was amazing. I shed some tears, fears and unneeded baggage while doing this meditation.

  15. Insight Timer

    Becky – England
    Beautiful music and empowering yet gentle voiceover. Thank you

  16. Insight Timer

    Victoria – California, USA
    I entered this with a sense of curiosity and came through it transformed. With gratitude.

  17. Insight Timer

    A – Earth
    Woah. What a beautifully intensely powerful journey! Thank you so very much Dakota.

  18. Insight Timer

    Eva Marie – Readsboro, VT, USA
    This quickly became a favorite and seems to be becoming a daily meditation for me. So much gratitude to you for creating and sharing this! I love love LOVE ❤️ IT!

  19. Insight Timer

    green eyes – Cuyahoga Valley Ohio
    Did not expect, just wanted to try. Waves of chills surprised me. Namaste, thank you for creating this powerful journey.

  20. Insight Timer

    Vikas – Palo Alto, CA
    Very powerful. Made me stand right in my learnings and growth, all in one place, all accessible. Created resolve in me. I will be back for this one! Again and again!

  21. Insight Timer

    Shamanic magic. So cleansing, so affirming. Form time to time, we need to walk through the fire to re juvinate, re generate, re commit. Thank you for this magnificent meditation.

  22. Insight Timer

    Damon – Cornelius, NC, USA
    Woah. That was extremely powerful and just what I needed at this time. Thank you for this gift!

  23. Insight Timer

    Petal- Hong Kong
    Powerful & cleansing . Thanks Dakota Earth Cloud Walker.

  24. Insight Timer

    Brett – Anchorage, AK
    Very powerful, very very intense. For those looking to plunge deep into there shadow self. I would recommend it for experienced meditators. Thanks for the teaching and the plunge. I am eternally grateful.

  25. Insight Timer

    Michael – Flat Rock, Michigan
    Love this! It’s wonderfully challenging and rewarding, I have a strong emotional response (responses) each time I do this meditation. It is transformative, liberating and healing all at once. Thank you!

  26. Insight Timer

    Jenn – Orlando
    First, let me say I’m thankful for Kundalini and having experience with breath of the dragon otherwise I’m unsure this would have been as successful for me as it was. Second, because I am familiar with breath of the dragon this is certainly one of the more powerful meditations I’ve done.

  27. Insight Timer

    Eva – Colorado
    Totally unique and powerful. Delving into this with intention and going through it with strength and courage is transformational. Very glad I did this and put myself all the way into it.

  28. Insight Timer

    Fer – Mexico
    Very powerful. it made me cry. I was able to release a lot of dark feelings that I had deep inside me. And truly ask for forgiveness to the people I always pass judgement on. I felt a tingling sensation on the crown of the head and behind my eyes.

  29. Insight Timer

    Kiley – Nashville
    What a JOURNEY. Thanks for introducing me to another one of my spirit guides.

  30. Insight Timer

    Anna – Stockholm
    The strongest and most powerful meditation I’ve ever done. What a journey! It brought such strong emotional reactions up to the surface, yet not fearful thanks to all of my guides. Thank you! ❤

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