21 Day Sacred Love Challenge


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21 Day Authenticity Challenge

21 Day Authenticity Challenge - Transform your world in just 21 days to live a more authentic life! Join this challenge at any time. Each challenge day, you will receive 5 pieces of the challenge: Soul Inquiry, Challenge, Reflection, Wisdom, and Meditation Suggestion.

Sacred Love

Length: 23:41

We each seek love at it's most pure and deep state. In this guided meditation we will call upon Archangel Sophia, the angel of love, to help guide us to the Higher Soul of our soul mate. Be shown how to navigate through any blocks that might keep you from experiencing this love, and spend time connecting to this love of your soul.


Sacred Love Challenge

This 21-day Sacred Love challenge is ideal for partners wishing to deepen the sacred connection between them. Relationships require attendance, attention, and sometimes creativity to pull us out of the rut of complacency.  This challenge will jump-start and ignite the spark in your relationship once more. By focusing on heart-centered dialog and challenges to inspire a sense of adventure and connection. Utilizing the creative forces of the South Direction, the heartfelt and authentic communication of the East Direction, and sacred spaces of the West Direction.


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