Sacred Warrior Shamanic Breathwork Session



In this Sacred Warrior Shamanic Breathwork Session, we use a specific breath with chakra-attuned music to enter into an altered state of consciousness.  In this altered state is where we can experience a variety of things.  A Shamanic Breathwork session is a powerful tool for deep transformation.

Prior to the Sacred Warrior Shamanic Breathwork Session:

  • You will create an intention which may be to meet with your guides. Some intention ideas include to heal a part of your life, visit a past life, gain clarity. We set the intention for that to be met or something better.
  • You will want to create a safe and sacred space where you will not be interrupted during your session. When we do group sessions, we have a “pallet” for each person. These consist of several blankets to make it soft and comfortable for you to lie on, a pillow, and a blanket to cover up with. Ideally, you will want your room to be dark, and even use a blindfold during your session.

During the Sacred Warrior Shamanic Breathwork Session:

  • You will begin breathing (instructions are given in the actual journey). In a session you may feel the need to move, cry, scream, laugh – there are no fast rules as to how you will experience your journey. Allow yourself to be open to the experience.

After the Sacred Warrior Shamanic Breathwork Session:

  • You will want to process your journey. This may be done by journaling about your experience, creating artwork (again, explained in the introduction of the journey). If you want to further deepen the process you can schedule a Soul Coaching Session with Dakota to help the process.


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