Shamanic Coaching

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Each shamanic soul session is intuitively guided and individually personalized to address your needs. Using the teachings of the Misneach Medicine Wheel, Dakota guides you to understanding which directional perspective you are experiencing your life from, where your stumbling blocks might be, and how to use the Medicine Wheel as a way to work through life issues and to gain more clarity. Using her own deep connection to her guides, Dakota is able to access a level of care that reaches you at a soul level. After each session you will be given specific tools or homework for integration to further implement a new paradigm of being in your life.

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  1. Joanne West

    “Dakota’s creativity, coupled with her compassion & concern for humanity & the planet, has unlimited potential. She is a extraordinary practitioner, teacher and coach in the healing arts. She has studied with masters and is gifted beyond her years in intuitive healing, artistic expression and communications. The Sacred Soul Center, she has founded is a culmination of her life experience and is bringing together many healers and teachers that can guide us gently into the new earth. I support her vision for world-wide growth of the center with grace and ease.“

    Joanne West
    Gold Canyon, Arizona

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