Soul Shaman Immersion



The Soul Shaman Immersion takes you deep within the core of your being and allows you to find your way back to the spiritual realms to work with your spirit guides, ancestors and to experience shape-shifting and astral travel. We’ll use breathwork, and trance as our primary mode of transportation. In this Immersion, you will experience the three sequences of Connecting, Within, and Time.

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Going Within
Length: 20:41

In the North Direction, we retreat inward, to reconnect to our spiritual team and our soul. In today’s journey, we go inward and tap back into the wisdom that sits at the seat of our soul.

The Inipi
Length: 48:24 

Purification ceremonies are often extremely transforming and offer us a chance to rebirth ourselves in a new way. In this guided meditation Dakota takes you through a virtual Inipi (Sweat Lodge) ceremony. Using traditional Lakota Inipi songs, sound effects to enhance your experience, and with a powerful intention of assisting you in this time of purification, this journey will become a powerful tool for you to use time and time again.

Finding Your Power Animal
Length: 39:55

In this guided meditation we go to the Lower World to find and connect with our Power Animal. This is a helping spirit and ally who conspires for our highest good and has great medicine to offer us to assist on us on our life and soul path.

Deepen your experience by purchasing our other track “Dance Your Power Animal” to help you to embody and connect with this beautiful and helping spirit fully.

Channeling the Divine
Length: 29:56

In this guided meditation, Dakota takes you through a process of channeling the messages of your divinity, or Higher Self. You’ll be led through a series of questions which you will hand write a response to, allowing you to access that inner wisdom that resides within you. This is an active meditation so you will need a pen, paper and to create sacred space before the meditation.

Soul Recovery
Length: 39:02

When we have experienced trauma in our lives, we lost pieces of our soul. Over time, all these missing pieces begin to dull our life, and we lost touch with who we truly are. In this guided meditation we go to find parts of our soul that are ready to come home.

Create a space on your altar for this part of yourself so that you are reminded of this integration.


Soul Shaman
Length: 31:22

Our outer world will always reflect our inner world and vice versa. In this guided meditation we open the shaman within us, and we work inwardly by looking at the shadow sides of ourselves, we embrace the light and the dark and make the changes needed to create the world we most want.

Journey to Your Higher Self
Length: 39:01

Our higher self is the part of us which is always connected, always tapped into the Source of all. This is the part of us that resides outside of ego and utilizes wisdom based out of love and compassion. By tapping back into this side, we open our hearts even wider. In this guided meditation we do just that, we take a journey to reconnect.

By My Dying Side
Length: 29:23 

In the moments just before death, are their regrets? Are their profound messages to urge you to live differently? Is there a moment of connection that is needed to pass peacefully? In this guided meditation we connect to our breath, that given gift we sometimes take for granted and while journeying through a beautiful forest at the guidance of a spirit bird, we enter a sacred space and ask those very questions to our future self, moments before our passing from this incarnation and back to our soul family. Hear what messages this part of you has for you now and use these moments for deep clarity in the way you presently live.

Your Soul Book
Length: 29:50  

In this guided meditation, we visit our Soul Book, akin to the Akashic records; this is the record of our soul since the beginning of our souls’ incarnation. Here we can view and learn from the history of our soul. We’ll set the intention of finding clarity on something we are working through at this time.


The Shape Shifter
Length: 46:03

Shapeshifting is a powerful tool for understanding the energy of another being, and for receiving the wisdom, they can impart. In this guided meditation we utilize the power of our breath to clear our chakras one by one before traveling to the lower world where we will shapeshift into an animal spirit being.

Bending Time
Length: 53:47

Time is an illusion, a construct that we have created in the 3rd dimension. In today’s journey, we bend time so that we can be a witness to the past, and future, all in the present moment. From this place, we can understand the role we have played throughout time.

Dance of Time
Length: 33:19

In this journey, we travel back into time through the powerful portal of the Standing Stones, to a time and place that our soul wants or needs to revisit. With my own magical experiences with Callanish Standing Stones and with my recent obsession with the TV show, Outlander, both serve as the muse for today’s journey.

Who Am I?
Length: 28:59

In this guided meditation, we take an assessment of our life – who we are, what we love, what changes we need to make, etc. Taking a walk-through nature to ponder these questions gives us the needed integration and resources to be able to find the answers we seek. This journey helps you to clear out the old and make room for the new.


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