Soul Tracking – Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides

Soul Tracking™ is multi-faceted, deep, constant, and evolves with you, bringing you fully present and mindful. The aforementioned is full of texture, and answers to your deepest held questions. Soul Tracking™ clarifies and brings an understanding that you may not have otherwise garnered.


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Embodying the Love of Our Spirit Guides

Length: 37:31

There is a profound connection, tangible connection, and life-altering relationship between us and our spirit guides. Your Soul Pod consists of these spirits, who guide you through life to ensure you remain true to your path. Dakota's guided meditation opens your senses, imagination, chakras, and helps you to become fully present here and now. This space invites our Spirit Guides to surround us with their love and call forth the Spirit Guide that will best serve us right now. Through exploration, you'll discover their gifts, and you'll connect with their wisdom and love. As we embody this love, we are reminded we are never alone and give ourselves direction to find our way.

1 review for Soul Tracking - Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides

  1. Dakota Walker

    “I feel so inspired by the idea of Soul Tracking. Dakota introduced this to us in a class about a month ago. For me, it is a sacred language to communicate with my guides. It’s my alphabet from and to my higher guidance system. That can be accessed at any time of the day or night if I am paying attention. This is so exciting that anytime I want to stop and get in the moment I can use one of my senses to know what my guidance system is telling me.  So it’s just one more way to pray really, and at the same time at the same moment knowing that my prayer is being answered. And there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. It’s just learning the language of my soul. Which is a huge help sometimes when walking this crazy path we’re on.” Testimonial from Raven, Mentorship Student and Herbalist

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