For an optimal experience with Dakota's guided meditations, it's recommended that you wear headphones while listening due to the immersive nature of the sessions.

Soul Warrior Training – Soul Shaman

This 9-week online self-paced shamanic course focuses on the North Direction of the Medicine Wheel, which is home to the Soul Shaman Soul Archetype. Through this course, you will learn how to uncover your inner shaman and connect with your spirit guides, past lives, soul themes, and lost soul fragments.

During the course, you will spend time in quiet introspection, working with the spiritual realms and your higher self to find your true beingness. By connecting with the Source and asking deep questions, you will access your inner wisdom and gain confidence in your power. You will also learn how to use the power of ritual, soul retrieval, and journeying to the other side of the veil to strengthen your spiritual practice.

This direction is particularly powerful and deeply rooted, making it a fan favorite among those who have experienced it with Dakota. The skills and knowledge you gain in this direction will lay the foundation for your spiritual journey and prepare you for the other directions of the Medicine Wheel to come. With the flexibility of self-paced learning, you can explore these concepts and practices at your own pace and convenience.


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