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Soul Warrior Training – Visionary


In the Medicine Wheel, the Visionary represents the place where our dreams are born. Sacred communication, vibration, frequency, and the quantum field all contribute to manifesting our desires. Through prayer, sacred communication, vibration, frequency, and the quantum field, we form the structure needed and take action toward manifesting our desires. In order to live our authentic truth, we must evaluate all the characters in our story – positive or otherwise. We must determine whether they hindered us or pushed us toward our sacred purpose. In this course, we learn what can be achieved in our lives, and how to build a life that reflects our inner spirit the most.

Visionary Highlights

  • Working with Soul Goals
  • Mastering Sacred Communication
  • Becoming the Prayer
  • Power of Vibration and Resonance
  • Exploring the Quantum Field
  • Dream Building

Earth Cloud Clan

As a member of the Earth Cloud Clan, you will be joining a community of soul seekers who are walking the same path as you. Joining the ECC gives you access to a supportive community and the following benefits:

  • Weekly Live Calls – these workshop-style classes help you dive deeper into the energies of the direction. Calls last 90 minutes to 2 hours and are recorded for you to watch if you are unable to attend live.
  • Sacred Object Creation – As you create your sacred object, you will add another step each week, imbuing it with intention, energy, and purpose. In the Alchemist direction, we will be creating Medicine Bags.
  • Shamanic Breathwork Session – We end the Direction with a breathwork session that helps to integrate the work we’ve done throughout. These breathwork sessions are significant for integrating your work.
  • 21-Day Challenge – Upon completing the live calls at 9 weeks, you will have the option to participate in a 21-day challenge. Doing the challenge with your clanmates is a wonderful way to share your experiences.
  • Luminary Circles – Luminary Circles are small groups where you’ll be sorted according to your interests. In this smaller group, you’ll have the opportunity to form closer bonds with your fellow tribemates and take part in various activities scheduled by your moderator.
  • Focus Groups – The focus circles we have available will help you expand your connections. These groups include Root Down, Rise Up (conversations about the rise of the Divine Feminine), Two-Spirit Rainbow Warriors (a safe place for the LGBTQ Community); Soap Box (a supportive and safe place for your rants about the world); Page Turners (a book club hosted by two of our recent graduates); The Sober Shaman (a group for those in addiction recovery); Off the Couch (a nurturing, safe place for therapists and licensed counselors to share and speak freely); Gratitude Grotto (our collective gratitude journal); and Walking Sticks (a walking club where we can share our discoveries in nature).
  • Moon Rituals – There is a ritual shared each month by Morrigan Ravenheart for the New Moon and Full Moon, which you can undertake on your own and share with other members of the community.
  • Tribe – People in the Earth Cloud Clan who span the globe are the most powerful aspect of the tribe. We hold space for one another, and we support each other on our path as individuals and as a collective. Having the chance to share freely without judgment with a group of people is rare, and when you find it, you don’t want to let it slip away. That’s what you’ll find here.

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