Sound of Music



Length: 56:03

Modern science has finally proven what the ancient Shamans and Earth Keepers have long known, that everything in the Universe is based on vibration. These vibrations create a movement that can be perceived as sound, some of which are audible to the human ear, but most are not. Probably one of the most important discoveries and recent revelations has been the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Solfeggio Scale was practiced in the Ancient Gregorian Chants. These chants, and the scale of the tones used, were said to impart intense and tremendous spiritual blessings when they were sung in Latin harmoniously during rituals in the churches. The tones of the Solfeggio Scale were developed and given to the Church for a very spiritual purpose. In today’s journey, we explore the world of music and open the heart through the vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies, 432 Hz, and by using the Schumann Resonance.

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