The Alchemy of Grief



The Alchemy of Grief – A Guided Meditation. The grief of losing someone we love sends a tsunami of emotion thru our life and often feels insurmountable. As we vacillate through anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, we can find ourselves stuck in a spiral of grief, desperately seeking acceptance, which allows us to move forward. It can be challenging to navigate our feelings amid such change and loss. Leo Tolstoy said, “Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow.” If you have stumbled upon The Alchemy of Grief guided journey, you are likely one of those people capable of holding a magnitude of love in your heart for which the suffering quietly sits beside.

In our journey together today, I will lead you through each chakra to reach a level of healing and acceptance for the profound loss you have experienced. From the root chakra, where we regain a sense of stability. Then move through each energy center to reflect, heal, breathe, and balance until we arrive a the crown chakra. Once at the crown chakra, where we release our loved ones to the spiritual realms from which they were birthed. In this, we reclaim and renew a transformed relationship to them, and also to our grief.


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