The Unbounded Soul



In this meditation bundle, you’ll explore the ways our soul is bound up through contracts, lost soul pieces, and shadow work. Working your way through these meditations will help you to cut the cords, bring your energy home to your soul, and create the space for autonomy and inner peace.


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Sacred Contracts

Length: 26:16

In this journey we travel to the upper world of Non-Ordinary Reality to our Akashic Records to view, change, and gain greater clarity about the contract we have made with others when coming into this incarnation.

Soul Recovery

Shadow Spirits - A Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation we travel and explore a few layers of the Lower World, meeting with our Power Animal and then with a Shadow Spirit who will help us to recognize where we are hiding in the shadows.

The Other Path

Length: 27:42

In this journey we are going to choose a different path, and with the support of our soul family, we are going to blast through any of those fears which keep us hostage to what we truly desire in our lives.


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