The Visionary Meditation Immersion



Take a deep dive into the Visionary Soul Archetype in this meditative journey through the East Direction. We will follow the sequence of Truth, finding the truth which resides deep within your soul and exploring the path towards your sacred purpose. We’ll next enter the realm of Vibration and find ways to reconnect to our purpose. And finally, Perspective, which gives the space needed for integration, and clarity to begin nurturing the dream.

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Preparing Our Soul Garden
Length: 26:21

In the North Direction, we work with our Spirit Guides to plan what seeds we want to plant while in the East Direction. How do we want our life to look? What do we want to attract? In this guided meditation, we explore with our Guides what is in our highest interest.

Taking Inventory
Length: 28:46

In this guided meditation, Dakota takes you through the Sacred Wheel to examine the various parts of your life where you can add to, release, or transform to live a more soul-filled life.

Envisioning Our Lives
Length: 23:51

This guided meditation is to help you access where you are in your life and to manifest the life, we most wish for. You’ll go through the various areas of your life, see what changes need to be made, and what you would need to do to be living into your highest potential.

From Ego to Soul
Length: 26:40

Sometimes we get immersed in our ego and not enough in our soul. In today’s journey, we consciously move out of our ego and more into the innate wisdom, and unconditional love which is found in our heart space, the place where we connect to our soul.

Living Your Sacred Purpose
Length: 27:54

In this guided meditation, we visit our sacred purpose and how that might show up in our lives and how we can begin embodying our sacred purpose into every aspect of our life. We work in the East direction, a time of working with our dreams, ideas, clarity, and perspective. With this powerful energy of the East, we can put action into fulfilling this sacred purpose.


Transcending the Ego
Length: 24:00

In this journey, we go to the depths to transcend the ego that binds us to the 3D world. In doing so, we free ourselves of our limitations and blocks.

Sound of Music
Length: 56:03

In today’s journey, we explore the word of music and open the heart through the vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies, 432 Hz and by using the Schumann Resonance.

Living Soul Words
Length: 37:55

Using a conscious connection to specific words is what I have termed the Living Soul Words. To take a word and create a tangible landscape for it to seed and fruit within your subtle body layers is a way of transforming any negative language into something more awakened and conscious. In this journey, we work with these living soul words and the Shaman Mantras to integrate them fully into our beingness.

The Seed
Length: 56:13

Using the Cosmic Octave (136.1 Hz), we go within to nurture and nourish the seed growing in our expanded heart space. With the help of this planetary cosmic rhythm, you will spend time cultivating, nourishing, and bringing this energy to life.


Opening the Sacred Heart
Length: 22:16

Take a journey into the sacred space of your heart and step into a more open, passionate, and vital heart space which allows you to open to life more easily and authentically.

Length: 31:26

In this journey, we travel to the middle world and meet with our Spirit Guide and learn the lessons of this past year as well as look towards the future and what is ahead for us.

Vision Quest for the Sacred Soul
Length: 25:06

A vision quest is a time to reflect, go within, and find the clarity that we cannot always find in our everyday life. It is a time to seek the answers we need to find our path. In today’s guided meditation we go on a virtue, imagined vision quest out in the wilderness. We work with the elements, our guides, our emotions and more.

Seeking Clarity
Length: 15:21

This guided meditation is one you can use daily or weekly when seeking clarity, answers, or understanding surrounding a specific intention or question you have. Dakota leads you to open the heart space, inviting your spirit guides in, setting your intention or question and receiving the guidance your guides have for you.


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