Timeline of the Soul



In this meditation bundle, you’ll dive deeper into the timeline of your soul by visiting the various lives we’ve lived. In the human form, we view time differently. We see it as past, present, and future but in reality, spirit time collapses and all lives are happening simultaneously in parallel universes/dimensions. Because of this, the work we do along this timeline will have an impact on our lives today.


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Dance of Time

Length: 33:19

In this journey we travel back into time through the powerful portal of the Standing Stones, to a time and place that our soul wants or needs to revisit. With my own personal magical experiences with Callanish Standing Stones and with my recent obsession with the TV show, Outlander, both serve as the muse for today's journey.

Exploring Past Lives - A Shamanic Meditation

Exploring our past lives can shed a lot of light for our current life. We can better understand what karma, lessons, and life themes we bring from other lifetimes.

Mystery of the Soul

Length: 33:52

In today's guided meditation we peel back the layers of our humanness, we put our mind to rest and witness this great mystery we call the soul. Using a connected breath we will use breathwork as a vehicle to our soulscape to meet with Elder Light Beings who will show us the essence of our Soul.

Remembering Your Future Self

In the spiritual realm there is no concept of time. So in this guided meditation we travel to the distant future to view our life and who we have become.


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