Timeline of the Soul

As you explore the various lives we’ve lived in our human form, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the timeline of your soul. Our perception of time is different from that of spirit. Our lives are viewed as past, present, and future, but in reality, spirit time collapses and all lives take place simultaneously in parallel universes and dimensions. Due to this, the work we do along this timeline will affect our lives.


Dance of Time

Length: 33:19

The powerful portal of the Standing Stones allows us to travel back in time to a time and place where our soul is longing to return. Today's journey is influenced by both my personal magical experiences at Callanish Standing Stones and my obsession with Outlander.

Exploring Past Lives

Length: 33:43

The past lives we've lived can shed a lot of light on our current lives. We can gain a better understanding of our karma, the lessons we've been taught, and the life themes we leave behind in previous lives. We are able to mend the hurts and karma we've accumulated in previous lives and begin again with a clean slate.

Mystery of the Soul

Length: 33:52

In today's guided meditation we peel back the layers of our humanness, we put our mind to rest, and witness this great mystery we call the soul. Through breathwork, we will visit our soulscape, where Elder Light Beings will guide us to our soul's essence.

Remembering Your Future Self

Length: 27:48

In the spiritual realm, there is no concept of time, so we take a journey to the distant future to view our lives and who we have become. Thus, we can determine whether we need to make changes to follow a path we desire or whether what we see truly represents who we intend to be.


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