Twin Flames : An Eternity of Love (Compilation of 4 Meditations)



Guided Meditations Included:

Twin Flame: Conception & Emergence

Length: 25:42 In this guided meditation, you will unite with your Twin Flame and journey back in time to the point of your soul’s incarnation. Reunite in the sacred womb as one soul, emerging as two and be a witness to the lifetimes you have shared with one another. Through the power of music, and breathwork, this journey will help you and your twin flame to gain a better understanding of your lives together as well as create a beautiful moment of being able to share space with one another.

Twin Flame: Journey of a Thousand Lifetimes

Length: 26:03 In this guided meditation, you will unite with your Twin Flame in a space of deep connection and bonding. This meditation is helpful for those who have met or know who their twin flame is but are unable to be together in this lifetime or because of certain circumstances do not allow for their union. During this time, you can energetically connect with and hold that space for one another and allow the energy you feel towards one another be released.

Twin Flame: Reuniting with Your Twin Flame

Length: 29:39 When our Soul is born it splits into two, creating two souls who will traverse time and space, each one on their own path. Often they are complete opposites to make a complete whole. And when the time is right, these two halves come together. In today’s journey we go to the spirit plane to meet our twin soul and have time for deep communion. Over 500,000 people have meditated to this journey.

Inner Beloved

Length: 32:01 This journey takes you into a world of self discovery, finding those parts of ourselves that is beautiful, magnificent, and worthy of our own love. Inner Beloved is about falling in love with the spirit of who you are. This is an important aspect of being in a twin flame relationship, that you know who you are at the core and fall in love with that part of yourself as well as your twin flame.


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