For an optimal experience with Dakota's guided meditations, it's recommended that you wear headphones while listening due to the immersive nature of the sessions.

Who am I

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Length: 28:59

The question “Who am I?” is an age-old existential question that has puzzled humans for centuries. While many people seek to answer this question by defining themselves by the labels and roles they play in their daily lives, the answer to this question lies in our own innate wisdom that spans beyond this space and time.

In seeking to define ourselves by external factors, we limit our true potential and become disconnected from the wisdom and guidance of our higher selves. By connecting with our own inner wisdom and acknowledging the innate aspects of ourselves, we can begin to understand our true nature and purpose.

Through practices such as meditation, shamanic journeying, or other spiritual practices, we can tap into the deep well of wisdom that resides within us and discover the truth of who we are beyond our physical existence. By recognizing that our true nature exists beyond the labels and roles we play, we can begin to awaken to our full potential and find a sense of purpose and direction on our journey.

In this guided meditation we take an assessment of our life – who we are, what we love, what changes we need to make, etc. Taking a walk through nature to ponder these questions gives us the needed integration and resources to be able to find the answers we seek. This journey helps you to clear out the old and make room for the new.


1 review for Who am I

  1. Jason Leyland

    This meditation is wonderfully immersive & creates the space to become quite instructive & informative. By reflecting on what’s working, what’s holding you back & what you want to achieve you can identify areas for change & start building a blueprint to get to where you want to be.

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