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Journey to Your Higher Self
Our higher self is the part of us which is always connected, always tapped into the Source of all. This is the part of us that resides outside of ego and utilizes wisdom based out of love and compassion. By tapping back into this side, we open our hearts even wider. In this guided meditation we do just that … we take a journey to reconnect.

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Deepening the Experience

Tools for Practice

Using the Mirror Exercise again, tap into the energy of your Higher Self. Imagine yourself connecting the spirit realm to your Higher Self to you in the 33rd-dimensional level.

Once you make this connection and feel it is established, spend the week making decisions from the heart center. Become very aware of each choice you make and how it feels different when you make it from this space rather than ego.

Keep track of the choices and those moments you can operate from this heart space. The more you practice it, the easier it becomes.

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