Today’s Shaman Short

Filming Location:  Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

I camped in Snow Canyon State Park in Utah, and found myself in awe and wonder at the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. Life, if you aren’t amazed then you aren’t paying attention – that was a bumper sticker I had on my car for a number of years , it was always my reminder to pay attention to the things around you.

In this Shaman Short, I admit – I got a little emotional. I think the moment hit me that this gorgeous planet we live on is often missed – it’s the old shoe we’ve worn for so long that it no longer catches our attention in the way it once did.

Life is too short to take for granted. I wish for everyone to be inspired by the life they live and to be in gratitude for the beauty around them.

This meditation may help you on your journey:

What is the most beautiful thing you have witnessed in nature?

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