Today’s Shaman Short

Filming Location:  Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, Utah

I traveled through and stayed in Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. It is a place that is chocked full of eye-popping scenery, breathtaking views, huge energy, tremendous history of the cultures who occupied the area long before we did, and a wildness that is still untamed. Rather than take to the trails that are worn and well-marked, I set out to explore an empty dirt road, not knowing where it would take me or how far it would go, or even what I would find. What I found were all the reasons we should fight like hell to save and preserve Escalante GS. Last year, our government decided to steal 65% of the land designated to the National Monument and use it for drilling for oil and for fracking. (…) If we don’t step up to preserve these ancient lands, we will soon lose them to corporations, greed, and men who have likely never stepped one single foot onto land so full of life and energy that it moved them to tears. I made this video, I want you to see and experience this space through the lens of what I see and feel. And then I want you to feel it’s heart beating beneath your feet. And feel the wind through your hair, and hear the ancients whose bones are still being found in the sand. I want you to imagine the water as it shaped and molded these slot canyons over millions of years. And then I want you to imagine the land full of oil rigs, debris, trucks driving in and out, men raping Mother Earth – and I want that image to well up inside of you the instinct of protection like a mother protecting her child only now it’s the child protecting its mother. And then do something …. write, call, share, do whatever you have within in you to at least say you stood up for Mother Earth, you became and are an Earth Warrior. To be called that, you must earn it … and now is a great opportunity to earn that title.

Aho Mitakyua Oyasin…


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