Today’s Shaman Short

Filming Location:  Burr Trail, Utah

Along my journey I have met the most amazing people. During a drive along the Burr Trail in Utah, I met this beautiful family in a slot canyon. As we talked, Anna shared with me a ritual that she and Brian share with their kids (Sofia and Alex) each morning, and it is to decide what they will do with the 82,000 seconds they have on that one day.

I thought it was a beautiful ritual to instill in their kids and one that I would also like to create in my own life. Rituals are a great way to bring the sacred back to the ordinary, and to give us pause to reflect on what is important and meaningful in our lives.

What will you do with your 82,000 seconds? Share below!

This meditation may help you on your journey:

What do you with your 82,000 seconds?

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