Today’s Shaman Short

Filming Location: Sahalie and Kossah Falls in Oregon

A few years ago, I made the painful and difficult decision to end my relationship. I had found that I had given up so much of who I truly was, and walking on eggshells became my norm. I took the plunge and chose me. Then, I took another plunge and made the decision to travel solo for a year to pick up all those pieces of my soul that I had given up over the course of 6 years. I made another plunge recently in moving back to Ohio to be near my family.

I’ve made many plunges in my life and many of them were difficult and scary decisions to make at the time. But everything in hindsight … I am so grateful for each and every time I took that chance on the unknown.

How often have you given up parts of yourself to make another person comfortable or even happy? How often have you let fear stop you dead in your tracks? Or questioned whether you were crazy? Worth it? Deserving of something better?

In today’s Shaman Short, I talk about taking those plunges. I filmed it in Oregon at Kossah and Sahalie Falls. The water, so powerful and violent, and so mesmerizing and beautiful – a contradiction which is much like how it feels when we are plunging into the unknown.

This meditation may help you on your journey:


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