Today’s Shaman Short

I’m standing in front of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. The water goes through this 200-foot lava tube and then comes raging out on the other side. It is a powerful energetic thing when you have two amazing forces of elements coming together. Here you’ve got this powerful river with the water energy and then you’ve got powerful fire energy of the lava and the two are conflicting, the alchemy of opposites. But the water is still going to flow,  and the energy is creating each other in that alchemy, which has taken thousands and thousands of years. This is a great metaphor for our lives in that we often are going through that alchemy ourselves where we are going through a lot of friction in our lives. We go through many transformations and there are imposing forces that are fighting each other but in the end, we get this enormous amazing beautiful energy

Filming Location:  Rogue River

What forces of nature are battling it out within you?

This meditation may help you on your journey:


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