Shaman Shorts

When I was traveling the USA last year as a true nomad, I began filming snippets of what it looked like to live a shamanic life. Inspired by the scenery, the people, the moments … all captured here. The Shaman Shorts are a result of those accumulated moments that changed my life.

[Shaman Shorts 035] Alchemy of Opposites

What forces of nature are battling it out within you?

[Shaman Shorts 034] Containing Your Energy

Taking responsibility for what you put out there, what have you left simmering?

[Shaman Shorts 033] Going Inward

We explore feeling the vulnerability and the sense of aloneness, calm and quiet solitude.

[Shaman Shorts 031] Bridges

Bridges are a great metaphor for our lives. They take us from Point A to Point B and can be built from love, wood, courage.

[Shaman Shorts 030] Helping the Spirits of Deceased Animals and Using Medicine Bags

In this Shaman Short, I talk about how I work with the energies of animals who have been hit on the roads.

[Shaman Shorts 029] Whispering to Horses

Take time to connect with your animal spirit.

[Shaman Shorts 028] Protecting Your Core

Using the metaphor of the Redwood Tree, today we talk about how to be resilient in a chaotic world and to protect the core of who we are. Learn some ways to protect and cleanse yourself.

[Shaman Shorts 027] Taking the Plunge

In today’s Shaman Short, I talk about taking those plunges. I filmed it in Oregon at Kossah and Sahalie Falls. The water, so powerful and violent, and so mesmerizing and beautiful – a contradiction which is much like how it feels when we are plunging into the unknown. 

[Shaman Shorts 026] Spiritual Use of Lavendar

I visited a lavender farm in Sequim and was intoxicated by the smell of Lavender! In this Shaman Short I talk about the uses of lavender but most specifically the spiritual uses including how to use this herb in cleansing a physical space.

[Shaman Short 025] Sacred Use of Sage

Sage is a great herb for cleansing and purifying. In this Shaman Short, Dakota shares more information about using sage for sacred use. Learn the use of it within ceremony, where it sits in the Medicine Wheel and how to properly “smudge” a space.

[Shaman Shorts 024] Recharging Your Soul

In today’s Shaman Short, I get to surprise my family by “showing up” unannounced! The bond between family (whether blood relative or chosen family) is strong, and it can be a source of rechagring your soul. Today we talk about the power of connection, spontaneity and doing kind things in this world.

[Shaman Short 023] Balancing the Elements

How are the elements showing up in your life? And which element could you use more of or less of? In this Shaman Short, I describe how the elements show up in the medicine wheel and I give you a good challenge to evaluate the elements in your life.

[Shaman Short 022] Meditating Where You Are

Sometimes meditation comes in the most peculiar of places – among crowds, in nature, while bathing – wherever you are, there you are and learning how to bring your surroundings into your meditation can be a powerful tool that deepens your practice.

[Shaman Short 021] Middle World Portals

Learn what the Middle World and it’s portals look like and what you can do in when journeying to the Middle World. In this Shaman Short, I found a small portal to the Middle World in the Grand Staircase Escanlante.

[Shaman Short 020] Path of Flexibility

Sometimes our journey doesn’t quite land us where we think we’ll be and we have to maintain a path of flexibility so we can fully appreciate the guidance that we sometimes ignore. On this leg of my journey, I was certainly not in a place I thought I’d be but in the end it was exactly where I needed to be for that moment in time.

[Shaman Short 019] Power of Your Intuition

When we truly follow our intuition, we are guided in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Or maybe you can …. and that is one of the keys to working with intuition, is harnessing the imagination. On one of my hikes, I was led by intuition to finding some of the most amazing messages that were on point with my life. This was a magical experience I would love to share with you!

[Shaman Short 018] The Three Voices

In life, we have a choice to the voice we listen to, our ego, our spirit, or the voice of others. During my hike I encountered three different people who each had a different interpretation about the hike itself. I had to choose which one best aligned with my soul. Find out which voice I eventually listened to …

[Shaman Short 017] Lower World Portals

In today’s Shaman Short I visited a very strange, eclectic place in Joplin, Missouri, On the roof of the building it said it was a Native American Museum but what it was, was a warehouse full of “stuff” from other people – junk, antiques, etc. I got “hit” with an energy (ies) and in this short, I tell you what happens and what to do about it …. If you visit antique, thrift, or used book stores – this is for you especially.

[Shaman Short 016] The Human Messenger

Learning to listen to those who are giving us messages without even knowing they are the messenger. On this Shaman Short, I shared the experience of talking to strangers to find what messages can help me on my journey, literally! I also share how the gift of authenticity can create a bridge to deeper experiences.

[Shaman Short 015] Beauty of the Path Unknown

Our path isn’t always defined, or easy but sometimes it is the unknown, and the conquering of fears and obstacles that makes our path meaningful. Once we are brave enough to face any challenge, we find the most beautiful and profound things. This Shaman Short is a reminder to you to stay the course … no matter what.

[Shaman Short 014] The Wisdom of the Stones

Stones/Rocks are considered the record keepers of the earth and they carry the knowledge and wisdom of humanity and our earth. In this Shaman Short, I shared with you the story of the these ancient record bearers and how to connect with these powerful forces. I’ll give you a few suggestions for meditating with stones.

[Shaman Short 013] Power of Prayer

Prayer is the feeling, emotion and intention into our words that goes into the ethers to Great Spirit/Mystery, God, Source, etc. In today’s Shaman Short, I visited the Peace Park in Sedona where thousands of people have come to pray and to add to the collective energy of compassion that radiates into the heavens. I share with you the power of prayer, and why it is so important into many traditions. I also talk about the power of our words, and being mindful of what vibrations we add to the energy field. I also ended up talking about sweat lodges …

[Shaman Short 012] Meaning of the Goose

A single goose followed me for awhile on my journey and I finally paid attention to realize the message it was trying to give me. Animals bring us big medicine and messages, they are the mediators of the worlds and bridge us to our spiritual guides and ancestors. In this Shaman Short, I share with you the message of the goose but also how to work with the messages the animal spirits bring to you.

[Shaman Short 011] Interpreting the Line in the Sand

On my hike through Point Tamales, I kept seeing lines drawn in the sand. I wasn’t sure the source but knew it was a message for me. In today’s Shaman Short I share with you my discovery and how we can interpret these messages through our own filter.

[Shaman Short 010] 82,000 Seconds

Along my journey I have met the most amazing people. During a drive along the Burr Trail in Utah, I met this beautiful family in a slot canyon. As we talked, Anna shared with me a ritual that she and Brian share with their kids (Sofia and Alex) each morning, and it is to decide what they will do with the 82,000 seconds they have on that one day.

[Shaman Short 009] Become an Earth Warrior

I traveled through and stayed in Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. It is a place that is chocked full of eye popping scenery, breath taking views, huge energy, tremendous history of the cultures who occupied the area long before we did and a wildness that is still untamed.
Rather than take to the trails that are worn and well marked, I set out to explore an empty dirt road, not knowing where it would take me or how far it would go, or even what I would find.

[Shaman Short 008] Exercises in Water Element

The Water Element is a powerful conduit as a shamanic tool, it represents our emotional body and in today’s Shaman Short, I give you an exercise/meditation while immersed in water.  I also talk about being present and how it bridges the gap between this world and the spirit world.

[Shaman Short 007] The South Direction

In today’s Shaman Short I give you a quick overview of the South Direction and the energies of the Medicine Wheel. Learn what valuable tools and things we should be working on at this time of the Wheel.

[Shaman Short 006] Being in Awe

I camped in Snow Canyon State Park in Utah, and found myself in awe and wonder at the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. Life, if you aren’t amazed then you aren’t paying attention – that was a bumper sticker I had on my car for a number of years , it was always my reminder to pay attention to the things around you.

[Shaman Short 005] Energy Vampires

In today’s Shaman Short I visited a very strange, eclectic place in Joplin, Missouri, On the roof of the building it said it was a Native American Museum but what it was, was a warehouse full of “stuff” from other people – junk, antiques, etc. I got “hit” with an energy (ies) and in this short, I tell you what happens and what to do about it …. If you visit antique, thrift, or used book stores – this is for you especially.

[Shaman Short 004] The Water Element

Water is symbolic for our emotional body, for cleansing and learning to go with the flow. It’s a subtle but immensely powerful force, just look at how it can smooth the mountains and forge new pathways!

[Shaman Short 003] The Power of Nature

Nature is so powerful and vital for our well being. In this Shaman Short, filmed in New Mexico, I share with you the values of nature from a Shamanic perspective.

[Shaman Short 002] Soul Tracking

Today I show you how to use Soul Tracking to decipher the messages we receive from our Spirit Guides and Higher Self.

[Shaman Short 001] Portals in Nature

Today’s Shaman Short was filmed in northern New Mexico, I found a portal to another world – a cave hidden in the cliffs of the Apache Reservation.



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