Shaman Shorts

When I was traveling the USA last year as a true nomad, I began filming snippets of what it looked like to live a shamanic life. Inspired by the scenery, the people, the moments … all captured here. The Shaman Shorts are a result of those accumulated moments that changed my life.

Displayed are the 3 most recently posted Shaman Shorts.  To see older Shaman Shorts please visit my YouTube Channel here

[Shaman Shorts 035] Alchemy of Opposites

What forces of nature are battling it out within you?

[Shaman Shorts 034] Containing Your Energy

Taking responsibility for what you put out there, what have you left simmering?

[Shaman Shorts 033] Going Inward

We explore feeling the vulnerability and the sense of aloneness, calm and quiet solitude.



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