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Soul Courses

Soul Courses are all done online with the exception of the 21-Day Challenges which are delivered via daily email. For more information on our signature Mentorship program, please explore this page: Soul Warrior Training.

21 Day Soul Recharge

21 Day Soul Recharge Challenge Transform your life in just 21 days! You will receive a new challenge daily for 21-days. Each challenge gives you a task to do that day which will help you to recharge your soul, create new healthy habits, and be more present in your life. The Soul Recharge Workbook (The workbook is not included in


Shamanic Journeying – Harnessing the Power of Direct Revelation (Online)

Do you have areas in your life you would like more clarity or guidance? Perhaps healing, or relationships, or feeling connected? For thousands of years, Shamans have journeyed to the Worlds of Non-Ordinary Reality to receive such healing and guidance. Using a trance state, a well-crafted intention, and with the assistance of our spirit guides, and power animals we can


Shamanic Journeying – Harnessing the Power of Direct Revelation (Download)

In ten days, you’ll learn all the components needed to safely and effectively take a Shamanic journey and begin implementing this powerful tool into your spiritual practice. Shamanism isn’t a religion, it’s a path and tool for direct revelation and therefore, can be used by anyone. 


21 Day Authenticity Challenge

21 Day Authenticity Challenge – Transform your world in just 21 days to live a more authentic life! Join this challenge at any time. Each challenge day, you will receive 5 pieces of the challenge: Soul Inquiry, Challenge, Reflection, Wisdom, and Meditation Suggestion.


21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is the key component to the alchemy of abundance. If your gratitude muscle isn’t strong and flexed often, you’ll likely have a more difficult manifesting the life you desire. In this 21-day Gratitude Challenge, you get an opportunity to strengthen the muscle and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Soul Tracking – Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides

Soul Tracking™ is multi-faceted, deep, constant, and evolves with you, bringing you fully present and mindful. The aforementioned is full of texture, and answers to your deepest held questions. Soul Tracking™ clarifies and brings an understanding that you may not have otherwise garnered.



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