Walking the Path of the Sacred Wheel

The Sacred Wheel or Medicine Wheel is a powerful container for holding our soul in the most authentic and powerful way. Thousands of years ago the Medicine Wheel was used for healing, ritual, and ceremony. The energies of the directions provided guidance, and structure to the cultures that used them as guides. Today, we can use this framework for living a life more aligned with our soul’s calling. It helps us to align ourselves, find balance, create lasting healing, and deepen our understanding of who we are and why are we here.

I’m Dakota, and I’ve been teaching this framework for nearly 20 years now. In my own life, the Medicine Wheel has been a powerful way for me to manifest, create momentum, and live fully into the shoes I chose to wear in this lifetime. I built this training to help others do the same, and that together we can begin seeing the changes from our lives reflected in the world around us.

The Medicine Wheel is a simple yet complex framework for organizing our lives in such a way it allows the freedom to live more into our sacred purpose, authentically and with deep connection.

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Live Guided Meditation Replays

I hosted a live meditation for the Summer Solstice and opening of the South Direction, below is the replay:

“Beyond Dakota’s coursework which will absolutely blow your MIND, the Soul Warrior Tribe will fill your HEART. During these times of disconnected unknowns and global isolation, it has been such a blessing to meet weekly with this community – always a place of support, curiosity, and care. Recovering and strengthening my soul is a deeply personal journey, but the impact of that work has been strengthened in being surrounded by the collective vibrations of these remarkable sisters and brothers whom Dakota called together.

For that kinship, I am eternally grateful on every dimension.”

– Travis Day, Costa Rica

The Core Curriculum

Your year-long journey includes a deep dive into all four directions: East, South, West, and North. We spend 9 weeks focusing on each cardinal direction. During your 9-week deep dive, you will have access to the core curriculum that makes up the Soul Warrior Training™. Each week, you’ll receive a downloadable packet of teachings and exercises along with a guided meditation, and tools for practice.

Following the energies of each direction, the Core Curriculum is the foundation of the training and provides you a deep and well-versed understanding of the energies, tools, practices, and ways to create balance within the direction we are focused upon.

And let me just say this, I don’t skimp on the content. You will need a large binder to contain all the teachings.

I like to provide you with more than you can possibly need because everyone is in a different place when coming into the training. You may resonate with various aspects more than others and for that reason, I like to provide you more than enough information and exercises to satisfy where you are and what you want to dig into.

The Live Calls

Each week there are 3 live call times to accommodate the various time zones, all calls are recorded for replays for those who couldn’t make the call. During the live calls, we do live workshopping on the various energies of the direction. These workshops are full of additional material and community time so we can learn with one another. All live calls end in a guided journey.

Core Curriculum

Over the course of your Wheel of the Year, you’ll download 808 pages of rich, inspiring content.

Live Calls

Three call times are offered weekly with replays available should you miss a call. Calls are on Thursdays at 3 pm and 7 pm EST and Friday at 9 am EST. Calls generally last 2 hours.

“… you are seen, heard, and empowered by a caring and loving tribe. From the support staff to Dakota. The mentorship well exceeded all my expectations. I was happy to be in community and ministry with other men doing soul work alongside powerful women. A beautiful balance of the sacred feminine and masculine”

– Richard Cardona, California

Authentic Community

The Soul Warrior Training™ hosts a diverse community of like-minded seekers who span the globe to include over 20 countries. The community is one of the most bragged about attributes of the training which have created long-lasting friendships, a beautifully held space for support, and a place to feel heard, seen, and appreciated.

Journeying the Wheel of the Year with like-minded people is a powerful way to feel supported, and retain your commitment to your soul growth. Aside from meeting in tribe during our live calls, we also have a robust forum/discussions within the website itself. We have a private, online space in which all participants can dialog, share resources, ask questions, get support, form friendships, and more. We have various groups such as The Coven, Kitchen Witch, Animal Communication, and more for you to join and commune.

At the start of each direction, if you desire to be matched with a Tribe Buddy, you’ll be matched with someone who shares similar experiences or circumstances so you can inspire one another, bounce ideas off of, and hold each other accountable. Your relationship with your Tribe Buddy is personal and unique to each pairing. From our experience, however, Tribe Buddies tend to be a very valuable relationship that makes a huge difference in the journey.

Deepening Meditations

Meditations are kinda my jam.

I love taking people on journeys into their soulscape to heal, morph, examine, and celebrate all those inner workings. During your time on the Soul Warrior Training™, you’ll have plenty of access to my meditations. You will receive a meditation immersion to pair with the course curriculum and to continue the flow while we are in between sessions. We end each live call with a guided journey as well.

In addition to the meditations you’ll receive as part of the course, you will also receive a 25% discount on all meditations in our Soul Shop.

Meditation Immersion

Students receive four Meditation Immersions to accompany the core curriculum. Each Immersion contains 13 guided Shamanic Journeys that will bring in and enhance the energy of the direction.

Weekly Live Meditation

At the end of each live call, I will lead you into a guided journey to help explore and integrate the work we are doing.

Discount on Guided Journeys

All students receive a 25% discount on all guided Shamanic Journeys offered in the Soul Shop.

On the 11th day of the 10-day insight timer course compiled by Dakota, I knew I wanted to go deeper.  I bought a solo journey in the South direction of the medicine wheel.  I took this journey diligently, deeply, solo.  It changed me, for the better, almost immediately.   I signed up for the yearlong Wisdom Keeper journey.

I am not one to jump quickly into shared spiritual pursuits as I often do not trust the container they are held in.  I bow to the deep spirituality alive in each of us and its multitudes of manifestations and so does Dakota.  One of the cornerstones in all we do in this journey is all about trusting myself, trusting what my intuition is telling me, and living in my power.  Dakota’s consistent, sometimes wonderfully challenging, sometimes compassionately present, the container is open, it is flexible, it is gritty, it goes deep and it keeps it real and consistent to self.

This process has unearthed things in me I needed to see, have been wanting to understand, and put the pieces back together.  It results in a far more real, authentic, understood, loved, and appreciated presence.  And more broadly, a clearer understanding of the infinite presence in each of us. And also, for me, right now, a deepening of understanding and compassion for some of the perceived troublemakers in this world.

Finally, the people that are along for the journey in the weekly meetings also offer a multitude of experiences, differences, and connections. If you are ready for a deep soul dive, sign up, show up and feel your way through the profound and mundane too!  Life will change and this is a great container to do the work in.

Jesse Hutchens, Colorado

Finding Balance

Life is often wonky. Let’s just face the facts.

Not everyone loves their job, not everyone has a sacred connection to their partner, and not everyone has flexed the self-love muscle often enough, and certainly, there are not always enough hours in the day to devote to our spiritual practices.

**Insert Big Deep Breath Here!**

Life is about balance though and when we are not living in alignment with our inner truth, that balance is much more difficult to achieve. The Medicine Wheel is comprised of very specific energies that govern each direction and as we embody the tools and energies of the Wheel, we begin to bring them into alignment within us.

This alignment is what I call “Full Spectrum Living” and it brings all the corners of your life together into a cohesive and connected existence. We balance work with play, solitary time with time spent with loved ones. It makes room for sacred pauses and moments of deep reflection and gratitude. Full-Spectrum Living is present, embodied with curiosity, and leaves you feeling deep contentment within your soul.

The mentorship is a beautiful sanctuary of souls where I felt safe to bare my soul, shed layers of myself, and integrate what I learned in the sacred space created by the tribe. It was, and is, a magical journey where there’s no judgment, where I felt comfortable talking about wands, sigils, power animals, and mystical creatures. A fertile ground for transformation and growth. Where the impossible is possible, where fear becomes your friend, and your shadow self is your teacher.

– Soul Warrior Participant

Building Your Shamanic Toolbox

During your journey around the Wheel, you’ll heal core wounds, retrieve lost soul parts, re-energize your boundaries, discover your sacred purpose, and begin building your shamanic toolbox with practices that sustain and move you forward in life. Each direction has specific tools to assist us in creating a more authentic and full-spectrum life.


Vision Quest

Working with Frequencies/Vibration

Power of Prayer

Working with Air Element

South - Sacred Heart Warrior

Soul Tracking™

Empathic Tools


Working with the Water Element


Soul Retrieval

Ancestral Healing

Witchy Tips

Protection/Cleansing Techniques

Working with Fire Element

North - Soul Shaman

Shamanic Breathwork

Working with Spirit Guides/Power Animals

Shamanic Journeying

Working with Earth Element

21-Day Challenges

The 21-Day challenges are great to do when we are in between sessions. Each one is focused on an aspect of the direction we are focused on. These are fun, enlightening challenges meant to help you be more mindful and present in your everyday awareness.

East - Visionary

Authenticity Challenge

This challenge is focused on giving you tools for living more authentically. When we are living in the present moment, and from a space of our inner truth, our relationships to others and the earth and even to ourselves, change dramatically.

South - Sacred Heart Warrior

Self-Love Challenge

The relationship we have to our own soul may be one of the hardest relationships to navigate and yet the most important. Without self-love, we can’t fully love others from a heart-centered, authentic space. We must be able to fill our own well.

West - Alchemist

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude is the key component to the alchemy of abundance. If your gratitude muscle isn’t strong and flexed often, you’ll likely have more difficulty manifesting the life you desire. In this 21-day Gratitude Challenge, you get an opportunity to strengthen the muscle.

North - Soul Shaman

Soul Recharge Challenge

Some days we simply need a recharge. In this challenge, you’ll explore ways in which you can “plug back in” and refill the well from deep within yourself. This challenge will fill your toolbox with more ways to integrate.

Ceremony and Ritual

Ceremony and Ritual are important elements to the Shamanic Path. They give us pause, and reflection to mark the initiations and thresholds we carry ourselves across and through. Within liminal space, we can find the truth and within the ceremony or the ritual, we find our power. During your journey around the Wheel, you will cross over many thresholds and go through various initiations or rites which will serve as reminders of the connection you have to all, and acknowledge the work you are doing.

We begin every session in a ceremony, and we end in a personal ritual to reflect our growth. These rituals are witnessed by your tribe and honor your Spirit Guides, Power Animals, and your Ancestors. The ritual you choose solidifies and grounds in the ancient wisdom you will tap into and recover.

Community Events

Our community loves to spend time with one another so, in addition to the live calls and the dedicated student website, we also offer a monthly tribe event that allows for everyone to socialize and do something “fun.” Below is a list of some of the events we have aligned for this coming year:

  • Round of Inner Truth Game
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Movie Night
  • Making a Sacred Object/tool
  • Making a Gratitude Journal
  • Make Your Own Oracle Deck

Your Investment

Are you ready to invest in YOU?

The Soul Warrior Training is an investment of time, energy, and finances.

The Wisdom Keeper Path is $1650 for everything included below.

Let’s recap what you will receive with your membership:

Core Sessions

You’ll receive the core sessions for all four cardinal directions, containing 808 pages of teachings, exercises, and more. These are provided to you in the form of downloadable PDFs, and in audio form. These teachings follow the energies of the Medicine Wheel with the sole intent of assisting you in finding balance in your life.

Guided Shamanic Meditations

Each directional session is supported with a Meditation Immersion with 13 guided shamanic journeys to pair with your curriculum and to continue the energy of the session when in between sessions.  Most all live calls are ended in a live guided meditation, and finally, you’ll receive a 25% discount on all meditations in the Soul Shop.

52 Guided Shamanic Journeys and 32 live meditations total.

Weekly Live Call Workshops

Each week, you can choose to join 1 or all of the live calls where we do additional workshopping using the energies of the Medicine Wheel. This is a great time for questions and answers, community, and learning more in an environment that is supportive and heart-centered.

21-Day Challenges

In between each of the core sessions, you will be assigned a 21-Day Challenge that accompanies the ending direction. This challenge helps you to integrate and create new habits and rituals which you can incorporate into your daily life. The challenges can be simple, fun, and offer a new perspective on things while other parts of the challenges will require you to dig a bit deeper.

Global Tribe

The global community is unlike any other. It is diverse, inclusive, and supportive. The community is a sacred space where we gather to do soul work while being held safely in a container to do the necessary work. As an advocate of “holding space,” this is a place that won’t offer advice or feel a need to “fix” you but instead is a place to bear witness to your journey, and offer support and deep listening as you do so.

Monthly Virtual Community Events

Once a month, the community gathers virtually for some light-hearted yet enriching activities to foster the relationships we have with one another. We watch movies followed by discussion, have a book club, sigil parties, cacao ceremonies, and more. Some of our senior Medicine Wheel Warriors lead our group activities, offering a variety of experiences for everyone to participate in.

Build Your Shamanic Toolbox

In each direction, we utilize the energy of the cardinal direction and learn the shamanic tools we can collect to add to our toolbox. Over the course of the Wheel, you’ll learn a plethora of shamanic tools which can be used in a variety of ways in your spiritual journey.

Path to Certification Program

To join the Sacred Circle Practitioner Coaching Program, you must have traveled at least 3 of the 4 cardinal directions of the Medicine Wheel. The SCPCP is a year-long training leading you to become a certified Medicine Wheel Coach where you can also lead others to the path of discovery and healing.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Enrollment opens again September 13, 2022
Get on our waitlist and you’ll get first in line when enrollment opens!

  • By joining the waitlist, you will be the first to be notified of the open enrollment and may be eligible for the early bird discount.

Don’t want to wait until then? Or looking for a skinnier version of the Soul Warrior Training? Get just the core curriculum and work at your own pace. Click here for more information.

“What first attracted me to Dakota was her style. She talks to you as if you had shared past lives together. Dakota’s capacity to hold space and teach is remarkable. The mentorship will keep you busy and you get what you put into it tenfold. I committed to the yearlong training and was ready to do the work and boy did it deliver! I cried, laughed, and got my power back. Where I got my groove back and elevated my practice.”

– Condor Winged Heart, California

About Dakota Earth Cloud Walker

I’ve been doing this work for a long time.

I know it.
I live it.
I breathe it.

I am passionate about helping others to see and step into their innate power. To reclaim and excavate the buried wisdom within, dust it off, and begin using it again.

I help you to remember who you are.

My passion seeps into everything I do and create, how could it not? I walk this path mindfully, and some days I walk with pride and strength while other days I may trip and fall. All of it is a part of the journey, and all of it is a part of who I am. I can be messy and brilliant and somedays, both.

I’ve devoured as much as I can about the path I walk. I have studied with notable shamans in Ireland and the USA. I carry the lineage of George Pooley, Hopi Medicine Man and Kachina Artist, as well as the lineage of my Celtic ancestors some of whom are known as Druids, Bran the Blessed, and Arch Druid Taliesen DeBourogne Merlin. My work has shaped how I see and experience the world.

I began the Soul Warrior Training to fill a gap that I kept finding in the spiritual communities. There were many courses out there willing to teach you basics, and in some, they went deeper but I never could find a course that took the ancient teachings and gave a blueprint for living in the world we embody today. I wanted to create something that helped people to integrate the extraordinary with the ordinary, that even while sitting in rush hour traffic one could find and connect to their spirit guides. To bring ritual back to everyday life, to help people wake up to the infinite measure of divine power held within. It felt important to lead people back to their divine nature without completely abandoning their day-to-day lives.

I’m a great teacher because I love this work. All I can ever do is offer you the real me, unabridged and present.


Below are common questions I’ve answered over the years. If you don’t find the answer to a question you have, please send us an let us know so we can make sure you have all the information you need. Click here to submit your question.

  • Can I take a single session or do I have to sign up for the full year?

    In the past, we’ve offered two tracks for the SWT – a single session or the full year. The community has started to shift in that more and more people were opting for the year-long track and I took that as a sign to move in that direction as well. So no, you can no longer opt-in for a single session but we do offer payment plans for the year-long track. The commitment may feel long, but I assure you, the evolution of the Wheel goes quick and you’ll be happy you had all four directions! I feel the Wisdom Keeper path provides a level of commitment that moves you more into the journey, and it adds depth to the community/tribe you’ll be joining.

  • What if I just don’t have time to take the course? Do you offer a refund?

    In some cases, refunds are granted to those who have taken the course, who sincerely put effort into the program but were not satisfied. Completion of the course material and a live call with a Gaia Team member will assess whether you are eligible for a refund. Refunds are not offered to those who simply did not have time, or did not put effort into taking the course.
    Registration is limited to a small group of people to ensure the intimacy of the group setting and learning environment. Often people are turned down because the course is full and we do not accept late registrations. Because of this, we do not offer refunds to those who signed up then simply decided not to continue without effort.
    If you truly do not have time to invest in the program, half of the tuition you have paid may be applied towards the next direction when it begins.

  • What if I can't make the live calls?

    We offer 3 times for the live calls to accommodate as many time zones as we are able. If you are unable to make any of the live calls, we do have replays for you to watch. Some folks join the community in the forums for discussions and may never join a live call while others join all the live calls! We keep it flexible but give you options so you don’t miss a thing!

  • Do I have to live in your area to participate?

    Not at all! The entire program is done virtually through a dedicated student website, and zoom for our live calls. We have students who live across the globe and encompass nearly 20 countries.

  • How long do I have access to coursework after I've completed the course?

    You will retain lifetime access to the core curriculum but will not retain access to the meditations, or 21-day challenges. Your access will move from the student site to our main website where you can easily get to your course through your account.

  • Can I share the course with someone?

    No. It would be wonderful for you to take this course with a friend or loved one, or even in a group setting but each person who takes this course must enroll as an individual. This ensures that they are able to participate fully by being able to join in the conversations, receive answers to their questions from me.

    It’s also an integrity thing … I put a lot of heart and hard work into creating this program. I feel that I offer it a very affordable price for people to be able to participate and I would guess that there are not a lot of programs that offer as much individual attention as this course. So I feel very strongly about this content, and what I offer and that is above and beyond. So I just ask that you respect this and honor me by not sharing the content of this course with anyone else.

  • I love the exercises and meditations, can I share just a few with someone? Can I play your meditation for my group of friends?

    No. Please see my answer above. If you would like to use one of my Guided Meditations in a group setting, please contact me directly for information regarding group meditations.

    All of my content is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. You may not copy or use any of the material in any form other than how it pertains to this course unless you and I have had a conversation and I have given you written permission.

    If there are any exercises that I have obtained from other resources I will have done so with their permission. If you would like to use those exercises, you will need to also get written permission from those individuals.

  • I'm a spiritual teacher too, can I use these materials in the courses I teach?


    While I appreciate the flattery, I have worked long and hard to develop this program and all work is copyrighted. You may not use any of my material in any teaching or class you are conducting. What you can do is take your personal journey through the Medicine Wheel and allow it to influence what and how you teach. Your interpretations will be unique to mine and will feel more congruent to your students. We are always going to have overlap because wisdom derives from the same source, but we all have our own interpretations and ways of teaching it.

    Over the years we have had some people join the Soul Warrior Training to steal content so they could reformat it and teach through their own courses. We are diligent about investigating tips of material being used from others and any plagiarism found and will take any legal action necessary to cease and desist.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, there are four payments you can choose from. Pay in full, or break it up into 4, 6, or 9 payments. Payment must be made in full to receive lifetime access and to receive a Certificate of Mastery at the end of your journey.

  • How much time do I need to do this course?

    I tend to give you a lot of material but you won’t resonate with ALL of it, but you will with what you need at that moment so it’s hard to determine how much time you will spend on the curriculum. The amount of time to do the coursework will depend on how much you want to give to it. The live calls are generally 2 hours. Most of our students are working full time, have families, and still have time to participate in the Soul Warrior Training easily.


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