Shamanic Teachings

Below are various sessions recorded to teach Shamanic Living from a heart-centered space. Coffee with Dakota are sessions where I have answered questions from viewers, Shaman Shorts are various teachings from my travels, and the Shaman’s Journal are reflections and teachings from the Medicine Wheel.

Coffee with Dakota

You asked the questions, I shared some insights from the soul to hopefully give some answers for you. These are real questions from people across the globe. I would imagine us having coffee and long lingering conversations about these things. For now, a video will have to suffice.

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[060]Coffee with Dakota: Overwhelmed by Energy – Help!

I find myself continually being overwhelmed by the energy of the world around me. Despite my best efforts of daily meditation, encircling myself with protection, practicing gratitude, shamanic breathing and calling on my spirit animal, I still have trouble shaking the heaviness for any length of time.

[059] Coffee with Dakota: The Importance of Nature

Today I had the help of Luna Rae to help me answer this question and let me tell you, there is some great wisdom that comes from the mouth of babes!
Why do you feel Dakota that it is so important to be out in nature?

[058] Coffee with Dakota: Thin Veils & Messages in the Moment

I was so happy to hear how you listen for messages from your guides while not actually journeying as we know it, but by paying attention and being aware of your surroundings. I must say that my guides speak louder to me when I am not actually journeying, but when I am just staying aware during awake time. It seems I either read or heard a recording of Sandra Ingerman once saying that the veil is getting so thin that some of us can commune with our guides without the need for ceremony. Have you heard anything like that, or do you know others like that?

[057] Coffee with Dakota: Embracing What I Do

Filmed live in Cincinnati, Ohio where I joined Patti who wanted to talk about her sacred purpose and finding meaning in the work she does.

[056]Coffee with Dakota: Why is Little Insignificant Me so Important?

I need to know how I fit in to the fabric of the Universe and why little insignificant me (on the larger scale of things) is so important? How do I make any difference?

[055]Coffee with Dakota: I Feel Like I am Cursed! Help!

I feel like a “Jinx” is battering me. Do you believe in such a thing? Or could it be a “generational curse”? Do you believe in either of these things? What can I do to “stop” it? I get the feeling that something’s ‘trying to trip me up.’

[054]Coffee with Dakota: Am I on the Right Path?

How do I know if I’m on the right path? If not, how do I know which direction to go? How do I choose the path that’s right for me?

[053]Coffee with Dakota: Am I a Healer?

Does it mean anything that I feel drawn to energy healing and possibly have empathic ability ? I’m drawn to the concept of “local healer during medical time period”? Forgive me if this sounds silly.

[052]Coffee with Dakota: I’m Angry My Brother Died, How to Move Forward From Here.

I just lost my brother…well not so much lost as died. He had a heart attack and was gone in an instant. I thought that I would be seeking spirit but when I try and meditate what comes up is anger.

[050]Coffee with Dakota: How to Cope with Grief and Loss in a Shamanic Way

I am no longer taking RX drugs to deal with my anxiety but rather I choose to use marijuana as a coping mechanism and although it is natural and it does help, I would really prefer to deal with the remaining grief and anxiety naturally through mindfulness , meditation etc. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice you may have, thank you so very much. 

[049] Coffee with Dakota: What do the Colors of the Medicine Wheel Represent?

Hello Dakota, I have created sacred space in my backyard and I have made a small medicine wheel out of different colored stones. I found different and contradictory instructions for creating a wheel on the internet, especially where the colors of the directions were concerned.

[048]Coffee with Dakota: How Can I Clear My Soul of Grief?

I long to move forward in learning this work, and yet I am wiped out. Do you have any wise suggestions to help me clear my soul.

[047]Coffee with Dakota: I Want the Movie Reel When I Meditate!

When you have a deep knowing and awareness of your guides, spirits all around you, to the point that you can talk to them all question is, when I meditate, I have trouble “seeing” anything. What can I do to calm my mind enough to have the full potential of meditation?

[046]Coffee with Dakota: Tarot and Shamanism – Do They Fit?

When I first started my spiritual journey a few years ago it was a little chaotic, collecting books and information on all kinds of subjects. I settled into studying tarot and have been told, and have experienced, that I have the gift of reading tarot. Now I’m led to the shamanic path and would like to know if tarot reading fits in to shamanism?

[045]Coffee with Dakota: Will I Lose Everything? Imprinting Your Quantum Field So You Don’t.

Is there a way to know if I’ll get lucky and soon win money to help my situation? Will I lose everything? Is there anything I can do about it?

[044]Coffee with Dakota: I’ve Been Tortured since 1996!

How can I quickly overcome an issue which has been torturing me since 1996? How can I heal trauma that I’ve carried for a very long time? Is it possible?

[043]Coffee with Dakota: Living into My Calling

Today I share with you what it is like from my point of view to be working with people like you, to see the collective soul family returning to each other and to be a witness to the unfolding of such wise, old souls as they remember who they are.

[042]Coffee with Dakota: Did My Pain Kill my Son and Husband?

Am I responsible for the pain I passed down somewhat unconsciously that ended up killing my son and husband after sending them terrible negative perceptions of themselves for 30 years each?

[041]Coffee with Dakota: Connecting to our Ancestral Lineage

I have a question for you and would love to hear your thoughts: In the spiritual communities we speak about connecting with our past lives. Whilst I love to do that, we don’t seem to mention our ancestry. The reason I mention this is because recently I connected with my ancestors from many generations ago to discover more about their lives.

[040] Coffee with Dakota: Building a Medicine Wheel

What is my role in walking softly? Is it ok to use this land, is it trying to heal from something that happened before? I am drawn to the area. And I would like to think I can work with nature and not against.

[039] Coffee with Dakota: Why Can’t I Meditate??

I want to meditate but I can’t seem to quiet my mind and just be still. Thoughts are always racing through my head. I would love to know how to properly meditate and truly get something out of my meditation.

[038]Coffee with Dakota: What is Happiness?

Neither the world or people make you feel happy or unhappy, but your own thinking. So if we are truly looking for happiness we have to stop wasting our energy to change our bodies, places where we live, work, community, life style, personality. When we change all of those things we still might feel unhappy. False belief is that when our all needs and wants became fulfilled we will become happy- not true. All that wants and needs attachments do is make us feel tense, frustrated, loss of safety, nervous, stressed, anxious. What is happiness?

[037] Coffee with Dakota: Connecting with the Lineage of Your Past Lives

I have always felt a deep connection to your people. When I was child from 6 years I often cried in the morning when I realized I was in my bed in Denmark, because I had dreamt I was with my tribe. Can you see if it is so and what I should do about it? I think maybe there where something to help people in these new times there is difficult for many of my friends.

[036]Coffee with Dakota: I Am Wholeheartedly, Passionately Burning to Break Through

In prayer and meditation, I have felt the love of Spirit and have come so close to having that full-blown experience when you see the fireworks dancing in your third eye. I believe I have rejection and self-esteem issues from years of un-reciprocated love from humanity. I’m diligently working on breaking through, but could use some help getting rid of these blockages, truly becoming fulfilled in the moment, and fully trusting that I am, and I can.

[035] Coffee with Dakota: Walking the Path of Your Journey

I don’t have a question right now, but thank you for what you do & sharing. I’m looking forward to learning more as I start on my journey. Well, I think I’ve been on one all along, but am just now starting to realize it.

[034] Coffee with Dakota: Letting Go of the “Stuff”

How do we let go of the things that no longer serve us? How can we release the emotional baggage, habits, etc. and move forward?

[033] Coffee with Dakota: Releasing Energy through Meditation

How could I use meditation as a means to release old energies? Are there tools that will help me to release unwanted energies and free myself so that I can move on?

[032] Coffee with Dakota: Respecting the Traditions of Natives

Dear Dakota,
I am Anishinaabe (Ojibwe), German, Norwegian, & Dane and mostly identify as Anishinaabe. SOME “traditionals” that live on the reservation look down at other people practicing/mixing with other religious/spiritual beliefs. Unfortunately, the old traditional ceremonies aren’t being practiced. My dilemma is I want to practice traditional ways but all the respected spiritual leaders/healers have passed on and I don’t trust the ones that do call themselves “spiritual leaders.” Of all the meditations out there I have found your meditations to be the closet to my belief. What are your thoughts on practicing/mixing religious/spiritual beliefs?

[031] Coffee with Dakota: Deep Grief from Losing Your Twin Flame

My twin flame took his own life almost a year ago and I have tried to let him go after much grief and become peaceful regarding the situation. I’m just not sure how to love again after such devastation.

[030] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Shaman?

My friend recently started tapping into some Shamanic practices, and then I came across your guided shamanic meditations on YouTube. I’m so intrigued now and wondered if you would please tell me through your own words what shamanism is and how you help others through this form of practice?

[029]Coffee with Dakota: Help! I’m a jealous, compulsive boyfriend!

I am a jealous compulsive and having lots of problems with my girlfriend. How can I control and cure that behavior? Thank You for all the help! Blessings!

[028] Coffee with Dakota: Surrounded by Guides

This is a comment regarding your response to Fantasia’s question regarding experiencing our guides. During the video, your guides were swirling around you in the sunbeams shining through the trees…I could feel the upload of information coming in through your crown and up from the great Mother flowing out from your heart! Thank you for sharing your walk with the world.

[027]Coffee with Dakota: Creating the Perfect Meditation

I have a question: all the meditations and teachings: do you create them based on people’s needs? Or are they old meditations you learned yourself.  I’m basically interested in how  all that content is created. Thank you for bringing the additional resources of wisdom to my life.

[026] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Responsible for Someone Else’s Happiness?

Is it possible to practice compassion and empathy with others without feeling responsible for their happiness? Should we take on any responsibility? Where do we draw the line?

[025] Coffee with Dakota: Re-Igniting Your Soul Fire

What do you recommend to do for staying connected or spiritually focused when life is hectic and busy? I find myself slowly get disconnected from source and spirit as I get busier and busier until i yearn for even 5 minutes of meditation and connection. And when I do 9 times out of 10 I fall asleep. Also when I feel I get disconnected, I find it very hard to reconnect. Like I feel my soul fire burning low and not communicating spiritually. Can you recommend a few ways to get back on track and into the flow again?

[024] Coffee with Dakota: Am I Playing Too Small?

I am fifty years old. For the past twenty years, I have been exploring deeply in my Soul for how I may contribute to the world. I always felt that I would do something big to serve others, but in all my explorations and messages that I have received, it seems that I am meant to simply be an example to others by the way I live and to hold space. Because I have felt there was more that I could contribute, this leaves me feeling that I am playing small. How do I know if I am playing small?

[023] Coffee with Dakota: Handling the Twin Flame Energy

I would love to hear your perspective of Twin Flames right now…with the energies hitting the planet, etc. I am doing the work and feel I am in Union…although not in the most optimum arrangement. It is absolutely unconditional in both directions though 🙂

[022] Coffee with Dakota: How can I participate in Gaia Wisdom?

I would love to attend one of your weekend retreats , but unfortunately I live in Quebec Canada, Which is quite a distance for me to travel , but I am hoping you make it happen this year. My question is do you offer any workshops in Canada? I listen to your meditations on YouTube, and I truly love them.

[021] Coffee with Dakota: Deepening My Meditation Practice

How can I deepen my level of meditation? Will I be able to go into a hypnotic trance, or deep enough for Astral projection, or is that something entirely different?

[020] Coffee with Dakota: Do I have any Spirit Guides?

Is it possible that I don’t have any spirit guides? I have tried meditation to connect with them and feel like there is nothing there. I reach out and ask for their help but after several years of stressful/painful events I am left wondering if they exist in my life.

[019] Coffee with Dakota: Ego vs. Spirit

My question is how do you know the messages are true messages from your spirit guides or if they are from your own thoughts, feelings, or needs? Not sure how else to put this.  I have done many of your journeys and have a very lovely spirit mentorship going on but am not always sure about what messages I get.

[018] Coffee with Dakota: Following Your Passions

I would love to know more about how to move into empowerment and self-confidence to take the next step in life. My heart and soul cry, “Do it!” yet something holds me back each time. I am exploring what it might be like to nurture personal skills, the creative side and things of passion. There is associated fear around letting go of a salary job, and career path I have worked hard for, and to trust in my talents. I work in a government healthcare job but would love to embrace my passion for writing, and cooking- particularly exploring migrant culinary traditions, which in Australia are many! Not just as hobbies but as my life purpose.

[017] Coffee with Dakota: Healing Relationships on the Etheric Level

I am interested in working/healing relationships. What can someone do to heal/nurture a relationship in an ethereal level ? (especially when there seems to be a lack of communication on the physical level). How can we realize where we just mirror ourselves to other people, and we only see our projections? In this Coffee Session, Dakota talks about sacred relationships.

[016] Coffee with Dakota: Healing Emotional Pain

 have used (a.o.) your meditation of the medicine wheel to find the real source of emotional pains resurfacing in my life. I really managed to locate the sources in my very young childhood and was amazed by the result!
Knowing where the emotions come from is a big help and in a way, a relief but the emotional pains seem to show up again and again and by KNOWING the source the pains don’t leave me complete…
Now my question… Is there a way to really ‘dismantle’ the demons from the past and stop the emotions from returning? Thank you very much!! Have a wonderful day!!

[015] Coffee with Dakota: Telepathy with Animals and People

Hi Dakota,
Thank you for asking this question. The first thing that comes to my mind is to learn more about telepathic with animals or… This can also be spirits or people who passed away. To learn how I can be more in tune. How can I open this channel? I have been meditating for the last 20 years and had many telepathic connections with people. I would like to be able to have more easy access. I hope my English mistakes are not too big and you’re kind of able to understand my question.
Thank you and enjoy the moment shalom, May you be in peace with your in-and outside surroundings, Annelies

[014] Coffee with Dakota: Advice when it’s difficult to Meditate

I’ve been finding it very difficult/impossible to meditate. I’m unable to concentrate or silence my mind of wandering thoughts. I’ve never experienced this challenge before. I’m doing everything the same and I’m at a loss. I know now is the time that I’ll most benefit from meditation as I am waking up each morning in an anxious state. What advice do you have when it’s difficult to meditate?

[013] Coffee with Dakota: Knowing When to Go …

Relationships are difficult even when healthy and robust. So when do you know the proper time to leave? In today’s Coffee with Dakota session, Dakota talks about sacred relationships and how to know when to leave and choose yourself.

[012] Coffee with Dakota: How do I finally find my path?

If someone has asked, prayed, tried to listen and hear, for years and years, yet at the age of 60 still does not really know the path that is supposed to be hers/his — what then . . . how does one finally ever “get” it??

[011] Coffee with Dakota: How do we know we’ve met our Twin Flame?

Your twin flame is the counterpart to your soul, it’s the part of you that has been separated for many lifetimes and the reunion is powerful. How do you know when you’ve met your TF? In today’s Coffee with Dakota, you’ll find out …

[010] Coffee with Dakota: Why do we have a strong instinct to survive?

We are multi-dimensional beings with a strong will to live. Where does that instinct come from? In today’s Coffee with Dakota, we’ll explore that origin and how we can tap fully into it.

[009]Coffee with Dakota: Facing my Fears and Finding Messages in this Turmoil

My question would be how to become aware of the unseen assistance and guidance we receive during this tumultuous time of ascension? With the extremely high energies and confusion surrounding us, we often become oblivious to the assistance that we are receiving and constantly live our lives in fear and seemingly facing our fears alone, blocking ourselves to the signs of help that we receive daily and on a grander scale.

[008]Coffee with Dakota: Are you in a box much too small for the size of your spirit?

I have repeatedly taken shamanic courses from a woman who studied under Sandra Ingerman.  I think that I lack the self-confidence to practice these techniques in the wide world.  I guess my question to you would be, how do you help somebody increase their self-confidence and how would you encourage people to get out in the wide world and use their healing skills. How do you help someone understand that they have gifts, particularly the wounded healers?  And I guess the bigger question is how do you deal with the naysayers, the ones who tell you they don’t believe in anything you’re talking about and I think you’re full of crap?! Cindy

[007] Coffee with Dakota: Finding Purpose and Love

The 2 most important subjects I’d like to see you talking about and giving advice and hopefully, meditation are how we can achieve our dreams especially regarding career/business area, how to materialize them more easily and immediately, with less pain, suffering and without the long wait. The other very important subject it’s how to materialize/live the love relationship we desire with our true soulmate/ twin flame, how to meet the person, and have a commitment on both sides and engage in a wonderful, respectful loving happy relationship? In today’s coffee session, Dakota talks about the four houses of sacred purpose and how to manifest the sacred relationship with your twin flame.

[006]Coffee with Dakota: Why is Meditation so Popular?

Guided meditation is quite popular and with good reason. It’s benefits are enormous and meditation can be just the tool you need for reducing stress, finding connection, and more. In today’s coffee, Dakota answers a question about meditation and why it is so prevalent now in our time.

[005]Coffee with Dakota: Compassionate Communication

First, deep and humble THANKS for all the ways you helped my life partner when we were in your area last month. If I could ask you one question, it would be – how do you invite people, with whom you – in your gut disagree – in compassionate and potentially transforming discussion?
I send you all that is good.

[004]Coffee with Dakota: Dealing with Anxiety for me and my Daughter

Hi Dakota,
I think that I would have a lot of questions that are to do with how you started your own journey. But specifically for me… I think I would pick anxiety as a subject. Dealing with it. All kinds… separation, social, emotional. The whole area of anxiety would be something for myself and for my daughter also, very useful if there are ways to deal with it that enable us an easier time on our spiritual journey. Blessings and have a wonderful week.

[003]Coffee with Dakota: Shamanism, Spirit Guides and Nature

I would love to learn more about spirit guides; shamanism in general; ways to deepen my connection with nature/spirit, and the differences and similarities between meditation and shamanic journeying.

[002]Coffee with Dakota: Help! I’m a Control Freak!

Dear Dakota,
I am a control freak in my life and I wonder if there is something that I can possibly do for it. It would be great if there was a journey or meditation, that could help me relax and do not care about losing control of things in my life.

[001]Coffee with Dakota: Finding my Life Purpose

Hi Dakota,
“How did you know your life purpose and how did you get on the path of living up to it? What were some of your struggles along the way and how do you remain loyal to your higher path?”
Thank you,

Shaman Shorts

Whenever I am living the nomadic life, I film snippets of what it looked like to live a shamanic life and how to find the messages and metaphors, no matter where I am. Inspired by the scenery, the people, the moments … all captured here. The Shaman Shorts are a result of those accumulated moments that changed my life and also give me a real-life moment to employ what I teach, and what I walk.

[Shaman Shorts 035] Alchemy of Opposites

I’m standing in front of the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. The water goes through this 200-foot lava tube and then comes raging out on the other side. It is a powerful energetic thing when you have two amazing forces of elements coming together. Here you’ve got this powerful river with the water energy and then you’ve got powerful fire energy of the lava and the two are conflicting, the alchemy of opposites. But the water is still going to flow,  and the energy is creating each other in that alchemy, which has taken thousands and thousands of years. This is a great metaphor for our lives in that we often are going through that alchemy ourselves where we are going through a lot of friction in our lives. We go through many transformations and there are imposing forces that are fighting each other but in the end, we get this enormous amazing beautiful energy What forces of nature are battling it out within you?

[Shaman Shorts 034] Containing Your Energy

When we put things out into the world that might be explosive – whether it is anger or anxiety or frustration, animosity, regre, revenge, – things that are simmering just underneath our undercurrent, it is our responsibility to take care of that energy and not fling it to others. Our energy is our responsibility for how it is introduced into the world around us and knowing that we can influence others in a positive, or in an adverse way. Today’s Shaman Short is about containing our energy when needed. aking responsibility for what you put out there, what have you left simmering?

[Shaman Shorts 033] Going Inward

I’m challenging you to find that part of yourself that is pure untapped raw energy. Maybe nobody’s seen that part of you before. Perhaps not even yourself. What would it look like to you? What if you were to really allow yourself to be that wild untamed YOU? In this Shaman Short, we explore feeling the vulnerability and the sense of aloneness, calm, and quiet solitude. Find your untapped raw energy and what does that look like to you?

[Shaman Shorts 031] Bridges

Bridges are a great metaphor for our life and the journey we take through life. Bridges give us the opportunity to pass from one place to another, a threshold that, once traversed, allows us to move into another realm of being. Sometimes, it takes great courage to cross the bridge, some are scarier than others, and others may feel unstable or unsafe and we must take each step with great consideration. And sometimes, we must build a bridge where none can be found. They can be built from love, wood, courage. We usually think of bridges in the physical sense but any mechanism that allows us to pass from 1 thing to another is a bridge. In this Shaman Short, we are reminded that we can create our own bridges to live life to the fullest!

[Shaman Shorts 030] The Medicine of Deceased Animals

Animals, whether found deceased or alive, have great medicine for us to utilize. I found a dead fox on the side of the road in the most unusual of places. I felt the pull to go back to him and to do a ceremony for his spirit and utilize pieces of his fur to put in my medicine bag. In this Shaman Short, I talk about how I work with the energies of animals who have been hit on the roads, and how and why we have Medicine Bags to carry that energy with us.

[Shaman Shorts 029] Whispering to Horses

Sometimes we connect more effortlessly with certain animals. For me, it has always been horses. Like two magnets, we are naturally drawn to each other, no matter where I am or how wild they are. When we work with our power animals and helping spirit animals, we can forge that relationship in our ordinary life as well. It often is the confirmation we need to know that they are guiding us. Animal medicine is powerful, they are the spirits who have a part of their aliveness here in the 3D world, and in the spirit world so they become potent messengers. In today’s Shaman Short, I stop to connect with Horse Energy on the side of the road.  Take the time to connect with your animal spirit essence & feel the kinship.

[Shaman Shorts 028] Resilience Within Chaos

The Redwoods offers us a unique metaphor for protecting the energy within our core. To be resilient amidst the chaos around us, and to preserve our reservoir when all else is falling apart. Redwoods are naturally resilient, their sap protects them from insects, and even fire. When we stop to observe nature around us, we are given many messages and metaphors which can be applied to our lives.

[Shaman Shorts 027] Taking the Plunge

In today’s Shaman Short, I talk about taking those plunges. I filmed it in Oregon at Kossah and Sahalie Falls. The water, so powerful and violent, and so mesmerizing and beautiful – a contradiction which is much like how it feels when we are plunging into the unknown. I’ve made many plunges in my life and many of them were difficult and scary decisions to make at the time. But everything in hindsight … I am so grateful for each and every time I took that chance on the unknown. How often have you given up parts of yourself to make another person comfortable or even happy? How often have you let fear stop you dead in your tracks? Or questioned whether you were crazy? Worth it? Deserving of something better?

[Shaman Shorts 026] Spiritual Use of Lavendar

I visited a lavender farm in Sequim and was intoxicated by the smell of Lavender! In this Shaman Short, I talk about the uses of lavender but most specifically the spiritual uses including how to use this herb in cleansing a physical space. Lavender is a powerful plant ally physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In the Medicine Wheel, Lavender is used in the North Direction for blessing and purifying.

[Shaman Short 025] Sacred Use of Sage

Sage is a powerful sacred herb used for cleansing and purifying. In this Shaman Short, Dakota shares more information about using sage for sacred use. Learn the use of it within the ceremony space, where it sits in the Medicine Wheel, and how to properly “smudge” space. Plant medicine and using their medicine is a great way of connecting more fully to the elements, and the allies who are here to conspire for us.

[Shaman Shorts 024] Recharging Your Soul

In today’s Shaman Short, I get to surprise my family by “showing up” unannounced! The bond between family (whether blood relative or chosen family) is strong, and it can be a source of recharging your soul. Today we talk about the power of connection, spontaneity, and doing kind things in this world. Our relationships with others provide us with sustenance as well as grit for learning.

[Shaman Short 023] Balancing the Elements

How are the elements showing up in your life? And which element could you use more of or less of? In this Shaman Short, I describe how the elements show up in the medicine wheel and I give you a good challenge to evaluate the elements in your life. Working with Air, Earth, Water, and Fire can be a wonderful resource for calling energies to help us on our path of discovery.

[Shaman Short 022] Meditating Where You Are

Sometimes meditation comes in the most peculiar of places – among crowds, in nature, while bathing – wherever you are, there you are, and learning how to bring your surroundings into your meditation can be a powerful tool that deepens your practice. We can’t always carve out that time and space when we need it most, and yet meditation is a powerful tool for bringing us back to our center. 

[Shaman Short 021] Middle World Portals

Learn what the Middle World and it’s portals look like and what you can do in when journeying to the Middle World. In this Shaman Short, I found a small portal to the Middle World in the Grand Staircase Escalante. In Shamanism and Druidry, we look for portals to travel to the worlds of non-ordinary reality. The Middle World is the spiritual side of the world we live in now, it’s the place of fairies and plant spirits, the energy of the stones, and trees can be found here. It’s also where we go to do past or future life work and healing.

[Shaman Short 020] Path of Flexibility

Sometimes our journey doesn’t quite land us where we think we’ll be and we have to maintain a path of flexibility so we can fully appreciate the guidance that we sometimes ignore. On this leg of my journey, I was certainly not in a place I thought I’d be but in the end, it was exactly where I needed to be for that moment in time. Being flexible can not only eliminate the stress of the unknown, but it gives you beautiful opportunities to look for unexpected messages.

[Shaman Short 019] Power of Your Intuition

When we truly follow our intuition, we are guided in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Or maybe you can …. and that is one of the keys to working with intuition, is harnessing the imagination. On one of my hikes, I was led by intuition to finding some of the most amazing messages that were on point with my life. This was a magical experience I would love to share with you!

[Shaman Short 018] The Three Voices

In life, we have a choice to the voice we listen to, our ego, our spirit, or the voice of others. During my hike, I encountered three different people who each had a different interpretation of the hike itself. I had to choose which one best aligned with my soul. Find out which voice I eventually listened to …

[Shaman Short 017] Lower World Portals

In today’s Shaman Short, my niece and I visited Old Man’s Cave for some beautiful hiking. It’s a favorite place of mine and having grown up in Ohio, it was the place we retreated to when I was a kid. It’s full of magic, and lower world portals and often when I journey, I use this place as my imagined portal since I know it so well. The Lower World is teeming with vibrant energy and beauty, it’s where we find our Power Animal and can work closely with our guides and all the plant, tree, and stone allies. 

[Shaman Short 016] The Messenger

How do we learn how to listen to those who are giving us messages without even knowing they are the messenger. On this Shaman Short, I shared the experience of talking to strangers to find what messages can help me on my journey, literally! I also share how the gift of authenticity can create a bridge to deeper experiences. Our Spirit Guides are continually sending us messages, even outside of the meditation space (mostly outside of that space!). Learning to listen, and pluck those messages out and compile them into a sensible nugget of wisdom takes presence, curiosity, and openness. 

[Shaman Short 015] Walking the Beauty Path

Our path isn’t always defined, or easy but sometimes it is the unknown, and the conquering of fears and obstacles that makes our path meaningful. Once we are brave enough to face any challenge, we find the most beautiful and profound things. This Shaman Short is a reminder to you to stay the course … no matter what and a reminder that we are always walking the path of beauty, even those times we can’t see a way out or through.

[Shaman Short 014] The Wisdom of the Stones

I have collected rocks all of my life. They tell a story in the way they feel, where they were found, the colors and texture. Stones/Rocks are considered the record keepers of the earth and they carry the knowledge and wisdom of humanity and our earth. In this Shaman Short, I shared with you the story of these ancient record bearers and how to connect with these powerful forces. I’ll give you a few suggestions for meditating with stones.

[Shaman Short 013] The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the feeling, emotion, and intention into our words that go into the ethers to Great Spirit/Mystery, God, Source, etc. In today’s Shaman Short, I visited the Peace Park in Sedona where thousands of people have come to pray and to add to the collective energy of compassion that radiates into the heavens. I share with you the power of prayer, and why it is so important into many traditions. I also talk about the power of our words and being mindful of what vibrations we add to the energy field. I also ended up talking about sweat lodges …

[Shaman Short 012] Meaning of the Goose

A single goose followed me for a while on my journey and I finally paid attention to realize the message it was trying to give me. Animals bring us big medicine and messages, they are the mediators of the worlds and bridge us to our spiritual guides and ancestors. In this Shaman Short, I share with you the message of the goose but also how to work with the messages the animal spirits bring to you.

[Shaman Short 011] Interpreting the Line in the Sand

On my hike through Point Tamales, I kept seeing lines drawn in the sand. I wasn’t sure the source but knew it was a message for me. As someone who teaches people how to read the signs and listen to your Spirit Guides, this is Soul Tracking – a powerful way of interpreting messages.  In today’s Shaman Short, I share with you my discovery and how we can interpret these messages through our own filter.

[Shaman Short 010] 82,000 Seconds

Along my journey, I have met the most amazing people. During a drive along the Burr Trail in Utah, I met this beautiful family in a slot canyon. As we talked, Anna shared with me a ritual that she and Brian share with their kids (Sofia and Alex) each morning, and it is to decide what they will do with the 82,000 seconds they have on that one day.

[Shaman Short 009] Become an Earth Warrior

I traveled through and stayed in Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument. It is a place that is chocked full of eye-popping scenery, breathtaking views, huge energy, tremendous history of the cultures who occupied the area long before we did, and a wildness that is still untamed. Rather than take to the trails that are worn and well-marked, I set out to explore an empty dirt road, not knowing where it would take me or how far it would go, or even what I would find.

[Shaman Short 008] Exercises in Water Element

The Water Element is a powerful conduit as a shamanic tool, it represents our emotional body and in today’s Shaman Short, I give you an exercise/meditation while immersed in water.  I also talk about being present and how it bridges the gap between this world and the spirit world.

[Shaman Short 007] The South Direction

In today’s Shaman Short I give you a quick overview of the South Direction and the energies of the Medicine Wheel. Learn what valuable tools and things we should be working on at this time of the Wheel. The South is vibrant, full of emotion, and vitality. It’s a beautiful direction to immerse yourself into the intimacy of life.

[Shaman Short 006] Being in Awe

I camped in Snow Canyon State Park in Utah and found myself in awe and wonder at the magnificent beauty that surrounds us. Life, if you aren’t amazed then you aren’t paying attention – that was a bumper sticker I had on my car for a number of years, it was always my reminder to pay attention to the things around you.

[Shaman Short 005] Energy Vampires

In today’s Shaman Short I visited a very strange, eclectic place in Joplin, Missouri, On the roof of the building it said it was a Native American Museum but what it was, was a warehouse full of “stuff” from other people – junk, antiques, etc. I got “hit” with energy (ies) and in this short, I tell you what happens and what to do about it… If you visit antique, thrift, or used book stores – this is for you especially.

[Shaman Short 004] The Water Element

Water is symbolic of our emotional body, for cleansing and learning to go with the flow. It’s a subtle but immensely powerful force, just look at how it can smooth the mountains and forge new pathways! Join me today at Ojo Caliente where I worked with the water element. Water is symbolic of our emotional body, for cleansing and learning to go with the flow.

[Shaman Short 003] The Power of Nature

Nature is a powerful and vital healer for our well being. In this Shaman Short, filmed in New Mexico, I share with you the values of nature from a Shamanic perspective.

[Shaman Short 002] Soul Tracking

Today I show you how to use Soul Tracking to decipher the messages we receive from our Spirit Guides and Higher Self. Soul Tracking is a way of seeing, interpreting, and integrating the messages received, and happens in our everyday life.

[Shaman Short 001] Portals in Nature

Today’s Shaman Short was filmed in northern New Mexico, I found a portal to another world – a cave hidden in the cliffs of the Apache Reservation. Portals offer us an opportunity to visit other worlds and landscapes. They are often used in journeying and finding and using them in nature add another layer to our experience.

The Shaman’s Journal

During my travels, I journaled a bit – notes of experiences, lessons from life, a little bit of this and that. Finding gratitude and being struck in wonder. As I am home and I have more time to reflect, expect this notebook to fill up!

The Spirit of Place

There have been four times in my life when I could feel the energy of the land so strongly that I knew beyond any doubt that I had arrived “home” – where I currently live, crossing into Arizona, Ireland, and Scotland. I could feel the spirits of the land, the ancient feeling of having been there before, and the clean, clear sense that each stone, tree, and field of grass was speaking to me.

Bending Time

Time is a riddle that seems to have eluded many, but what if we could bend time? What if time could be folded, and we were able to travel throughout wormholes? What if time not only traveled left to right but up and down and had a hidden dimension? This is what string theory and quantum physics attempt to answer.

Exploring the Full Spectrum of Our Soul

Before birth, we not only choose our parents but also choose our life situations and challenges to facilitate spiritual growth and atone for previous karma for our continued evolution on a soul level. Karma means action, work, or deed and refers to the principle of causality through which the intent and actions of individual influences their future. Through discovering who we have been we can come into greater connection with who we are right now and how our present life is serving our soul progress.

The Sound of Music

Modern science has finally proven what the ancient Shamans and Earth Keepers have long known, that everything in the Universe is based on vibration. These vibrations create a movement that can be perceived as sound, some of which are audible to the human ear, but most are not. Probably one of the most important discoveries and recent revelations has been the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Solfeggio Scale was practiced in the Ancient Gregorian Chants. These chants, and the scale of the tones used, were said to impart intense and tremendous spiritual blessings when they were sung in Latin harmoniously during rituals in the churches. The tones of the Solfeggio Scale were developed and given to the Church for a very spiritual purpose.

Giving Grace

When we can offer some kindness to those around us and expect nothing in return, we move into the heart-centered space where our egos are in the silent backdrop and no longer the major influencer. Grace is can be defined by forgiveness and blessing, eloquence, and movement. All of which add to the refinement of our soul and how we move about in our life that brings harmony to our hearts.

On the Wings of an Eagle

The Eagle is the spirit keeper of the East direction. He reminds us to find clarity, to shift our focus and attention on the things which are more heart-centered and inspiring. He gives us a new, fresh perspective on our experiences and helps us to see things from a slightly different angle, giving us an entirely new definition of what that experience might mean to us.

5 Things You Might Know About Modern Witches

There are many different facets of witchcraft and the people who practice it.  Lumping them all into the picture that popular media casually paints does both the Craft and the witches a colossal disservice.  One who refuses to accept that picture may find that witchcraft is a beautiful representation of how humans can and possibly should interact with Mother Nature and the bountiful energies she holds.

Finding Solitude in a Noisy World

Everywhere around us is noise. The chaos of the world, our self-sabotaging thoughts, the circus that runs rampant in our head. The solitude and quiet inner reflection is a necessary tool for recalibrating our soul and lending space to our discovery of our sacred purpose and our divine connection. Learn more about how to cultivate this space within you, and to create more harmony from the inside out.

Learning the Language of Your Spirit Guides

Who are my spirit guides and how do I communicate with them? If you feel you aren’t fully in tune with your Spirit Guides, Soul Tracking may be your answer to strengthening the lines of communication and harnessing the unique language you share with them. Learn to look for, receive, and decode the messages surrounding you every single moment of every single day.

4 Medicine Wheel Secrets to Escaping Holiday Family Drama

The holidays are upon us, and that means time spent with family, holiday shopping, over-eating, and schedules and routines becoming off-kilter. Although one of the most celebrated times, it’s also a time for a lot of stress and high emotions. The Medicine Wheel offers us some excellent tools for easing our way through family dynamics and often drama-filled dinners. Each direction with specific energy we can work with, and hopefully transform what is often a stressful time into a time of magic, beauty, and connection.

5 Power Tools for Spiritual Protection

Are you feeling the swirling of energy all around us? The chaos of the world, the anger being spawn all over? Do you feel depleted? Are you exhausted? Emotional? Numb? There are many signs to indicate energy depletion and a need for spiritual protection. Spiritual protection, cleansing, and purifying are as essential to our well-being as drinking water, tending to our basic health needs, and self-care, and yet so many of us fail to make this a priority. In addition to energy from people, times have changed too, and we are drowning in electromagnetic frequencies, radio waves, EMFs. Mixed with the volatile condition of humans, this makes for a toxic brew of energetic poisoning. However, not all is lost; there are many powerful tools for cleaning, clearing, and building. But first, let’s see how this energy stew has affected you.

4 Shamanic Things to Do Before Breakfast for a Vibrant Day

Manifesting the life of your dreams, what would that look like exactly? What changes would you make to your current life? What has kept you from all these things you desire? Years ago the movie, the Secret, became quite well known because it promised a “secret” to obtain all the things your heart desired and while the premise of the movie is true – you really can manifest anything you desire, it left out some key elements that are crucial to understanding the real formula for abundance.

6 Abundance Hacks for Manifesting Like a Boss

Manifesting the life of your dreams, what would that look like exactly? What changes would you make to your current life? What has kept you from all these things you desire? Years ago the movie, the Secret, became quite well known because it promised a “secret” to obtain all the things your heart desired and while the premise of the movie is true – you really can manifest anything you desire, it left out some key elements that are crucial to understanding the real formula for abundance.

5 Tools to Cleanse Your Space for Maximum Protection

5 Tools to Cleanse Your Space for Maximum Protection How do you know if your place needs cleansed? There are some tell-tale signs the energy in your home or space needs an overhaul. Here are 5 signs: You and others are complaining more than usual. You don't enjoy being in your space, you look for reasons to leave or do

5 Signs You’re Out of Balance in the Visionary Soul Archetype

The East Direction of the Medicine Wheel governs our Mental Body, and our ability to focus, be clear-headed, follow our dreams, and breathe life into our sacred purpose. A balanced Visionary is confident, self-aware, isn’t stopped by fear or lack of belief in themselves. They speak their truth, people experience a balanced Visionary as authentic, inspiring, a true leader, and someone they look up to as a role model.  Find out if you have these 5 signs in balance.

[Journey Notes 01] A Road Well Traveled

I began this journey one year ago. I have driven 30,826 miles and crossed the United States 4 times. There are only 2 states that I have not seen (North Dakota and Alaska). What have I learned? Such an esoteric question that cannot be summed up, even in a lengthy article but can only be “lived out” in the rest of my days. But I can share with you 11 things I have learned along the way.

[Traveling the Wheel] Moonstone Meditation

For 4 hours I sat there letting the stones tell me their story, feeling the gratitude in my heart for the life I have, acknowledging the strengths, opportunities, and the people, the experiences I have in my life. Each part of my life reflected to me in those moments of sitting in silence, just being, and observing…  And I’d like to share a piece of that peace with you. I filmed 20 minutes of those moments with my tiny treasures, the moonstones that often go unnoticed.

[Ohio] Blood of Family

Embarking on this journey, I had no way of knowing for sure how long I would travel. A month, 6 months, a year … but one thing I knew for certain was my desire to go home to my family to spend some time with them. Family is such a funny thing. We push each other’s buttons, we love unconditionally, we can be separated for months and even years and yet the moment you walk through the door to see your Mom, it all is just okay.

[Manatee St. Park]The Gentle Giants & Huge Lessons

I landed here two nights ago, last night was bitter cold and I ended up adding as many clothes as possible to sleep in. It reminds me to lean into that West Direction energy to be more aware of my physical space and needs. Being on this soulful journey, I feel like I have focused much on what the lessons might be, the places to go, etc without being fully prepared physically for this challenge. So West energy …. I’m focusing on you for a bit, get myself geared up!

[Chessey Creek] Soul Tracking with Owl

[Video]The Owl eating the Snake was one of the most profound experiences I have had in nature (and I have had a lot!). I used the footage in a recent online class that I taught, and this is part two of that online class. The footage of the owl is towards the end but I’d like to think the entire video is worth watching!

[Chessey Creek] The Owl & The Snake – A Message of Re-Birth

I had the most extraordinary experience. I was half way to my turn around point when I saw her on the bank. She sat quietly on a log, not at all frightened by my presence. A large Barred Owl. She looked at me with her golden eyes, tilting her head as if trying to decipher my energy. My kayak drifted to the log, barely touching it. She would look at me, look at my boat, look back at me as if daring me to come any closer and at the same time I questioned whether she was going to hitch a ride with me. We sat there for several minutes, just staring.

[Chessey Creek] The Cabin on the Creek

When I lived in the mountains, I felt like I was remote but I had the companionship of my partner, and the animals. We had a handful of neighbors, and a meaningful community that we connected with often. So although isolated, there was still companionship. Going to the farm was a nice, but easy segue into being immersed with more people and yet still the quiet moments to reflect. I didn’t know then that the solitude I was about to experience would be one of the greatest gifts, and yet painful to befriend.

[South Carolina] The Farm & Friends

At the end of our incarnations, the most we can hope to leave this life with is with the love of our family, and our friends, especially the ones who become family – not by blood but by heart. Leaving the mountains, I had a few possessions, my dog Issie, and an open invitation to stay with my dear friends Steve and Kathie on their horse farm. Kathie and I share the common bond of kayaking, and horses. Both are soothers to my soul and a tonic to my heart breaking.


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