Theme : Abundance, Manifesting

Envisioning Your Life

Length: 23:51

This guided meditation is to help you access where you are in your life and to manifest the life we most wish for. You’ll go through the various areas of your life, see what changes need to be made, and what you would need to do to be living into your highest potential.


Prosperous Heart

In this guided shamanic meditation, Dakota leads you inward where you will take stock of your life and discover where you desire to be. By expanding and opening your heart and imagining your life in the most perfect way, to be in alignment with your sacred purpose, will help you to breathe joy and space into your being. Feel the


Spirit Weaver

Grandmother Spider, also known as the Earth Goddess, is depicted in many indigenous mythical stories.  She joins you in this journey to assist you in weaving a web of your sacred purpose. Taking you through the directions of the Medicine Wheel, you dream your purpose into being while she carefully weaves your web with silver strands of intention.



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