Theme : Shamanic Breathwork

Chakra Integration

Length: 31:26 This guided journey gives you a chance to integrate the deep messages you receive from your guides and from your various spiritual practices. You will clear and open your chakras and then with a powerful and moving soundtrack of music that flows through each chakra, you will travel through each of your chakras one by one to integrate the message fully.


Dance Your Power Animal

Length: 55:17 Tapping into my background as a Trance Dance facilitator, this journey allows you to dance and become your power animal. This is a powerful way to integrate the energy, and to connect with, your power animal. Use this track on its own or after you have taken our guided meditation, Finding Your Power Animal.


Deep Anchored Peace

Length: 00:21:16 In a world swirling of chaos and frenzy, we need, now more than ever, a moment of peace. We can find ourselves contracting, becoming impatient, and getting lost in the frenzy of our lives and the world around us. In today’s guided meditation, Dakota assists you in finding your footing and anchoring the deep peace of Mother Earth within in you. Find a way to create peace, patience, and more for yourself.


Dream World of the Shaman

In this course you will learn the techniques Shaman’s and mystics have used for thousands of years to travel to Non-Ordinary worlds. Each lesson gives you different tools and understanding, and work together to create soulful journeys for you to explore. Each week you will receive a new module. Each module contains a video teaching, activity pack with exercises to deepen your learning, a guided Shamanic Journey, and resources to further your quest for more knowledge.


Ignite Your Inner Fire

Length: 28:12 In today’s journey we use Shamanic Breathwork to ignite our inner fire. We work on the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras today, waking up our power and our intuition.


Inner Sanctuary

This guided shamanic journey was featured on Insight Timer This immersive guided meditation leads you into a sacred circle of transformation releasing anything not serving you and to find within the inner sanctuary of your heart, the seed of your soul. Often, we forget who we are, and this seed lies dormant within. You’ll breathe life back into this seed,


Manifesting Love

Length: 41:23 In this movement meditation, Dakota leads you through opening up your body and soul to attracting and becoming love. By nurturing the untapped reservoir of love held within, we grow this seed into a fire as we become the music, become the fluid dance of love. This is a deeply connective meditation, allowing you to create the space within to attract the authentic love you desire in your relationships with others, as well as your relationship to the Beloved.


Marriage of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

Length: 55:05 This journey takes you through a moving, invigorating and beautiful dance between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine which we each embody. In this chakra aligned journey, we travel through the chakras, waking up both energies and marrying them within each chakra. Travel through tribal beats of the root chakra, the sensual sounds of the sacral, the powerful notes of the solar plexus, the heart opening sounds and rising up into the remaining chakras giving voice to the masculine and feminine energies. Once the third eye is activated we can then reconnect these energies to the spiritual realm through the crown chakra. This is a powerful journey…  


Movement of the Chakras

Length: 45:39 Using chakra attuned music, 3 forms of breathwork, and by traveling to the 3 worlds of non-ordinary reality, in today’s journey you will balance and restore your chakras and at the seam time, recover 7 pieces of your soul.


Mystery of the Soul

Length: 33:52 In today’s guided meditation we peel back the layers of our humanness, we put our mind to rest and witness this great mystery we call the soul. Using a connected breath we will use breathwork as a vehicle to our soulscape to meet with Elder Light Beings who will show us the essence of our Soul.


Passing Through The Veil

Length: 36:18 During this journey we travel to the Otherworld to commune with the spirits of our ancestors and those who have passed before us. This is a time to reconnect, to forgive, find closure, and/or heal old wounds. During Samhain, the veil between the worlds is very thin, allowing spirits to pass from one world to the other with ease.


Prosperous Heart

In this guided shamanic meditation, Dakota leads you inward where you will take stock of your life and discover where you desire to be. By expanding and opening your heart and imagining your life in the most perfect way, to be in alignment with your sacred purpose, will help you to breathe joy and space into your being. Feel the


Sacred Warrior Breathwork Session

Length: 01:18:13 In this Shamanic Breathwork Session, we use a specific breath with chakra-attuned music to enter into an altered state of consciousness where we can experience a variety of things. Prior to the session, you will create an intention which may be to meet with your guides, heal a part of your life, visit a past life, gain clarity … whatever it may be, we set the intention for that to be met or something better. Breathwork session is a powerful tool for deep transformation. Prior to the session you will want to create a safe and sacred space and be assured you will not be interrupted during your session. When we do group sessions, we have a “pallet” for each person which consists of several blankets to make it soft and comfortable for you to lie on, a pillow, and a blanket to cover up with. Ideally, you will want your room to be dark, and even use a blindfold during your session. During the session, you will begin breathing (instructions are given in the actual journey). In a session you may feel the need to move, cry, scream, laugh – there are no fast rules as to how you will experience your journey. Allow yourself to be open to the experience. Afterwards, you will want to process your journey which may be done by journaling about your experience, creating artwork (again, explained in the introduction of the journey), or if you want to further deepen the process you can schedule a Soul Coaching Session with Dakota to help the process.


Seat of My Soul

Length: 27:01 In this journey we use an ecstatic posture, breathwork, and music to elicit the opening of the root chakra as well as creating a transcendent experience. This is a powerful way to travel to other realms while feeling the anchoring of our root chakra into Mother Earth.


Sound of Music

Length: 56:03 In today’s journey we explore the word of music and open the heart through the vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies, 432 hz and by using the Schumann Resonance.


The Love of Gaia

Length: 29:42 Take a journey into the center of our earth, using the Schumann Resonance and the sounds of Mother Earth as we reconnect with her in a deep and profound way. This guided meditation utilizes the power of vibration, frequencies, powerful breathwork and more.


The Seed

Length: 56:13 Using the Cosmic Octave (136.1 Hz), we go within to nurture and nourish the seed growing in our expanded heart space. With the help of this planetary cosmic rhythm, you will spend time cultivating, nourishing, and bringing this energy to life.


The Shape Shifter

Length: 46:03 Shape shifting is a powerful tool for understanding the energy of another being, and for receiving the wisdom they can impart. In this guided meditation we utilize the power of our breath to clear our chakras one by one before traveling to the lower world where we will shape shift into an animal spirit being.


Traveling on the Exhale

Length: 23:13 In today’s journey we utilize two different types of breathwork to fuel our journey to the Upper World where we go to the Crystal Cave for deep healing of our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.  ** If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor prior to doing this meditation or the breathwork within the meditation.


Unfolding the Senses

Length: 37:42 This journey is to help you to open those senses up and practice being fully open during the journeys. When we do Shamanic Journeys we are not willing our mind to go to another place, we are actually using all of our senses and our ethereal body to project ourselves into another space/time. If you are operating from just one sense, then you are only allowing yourself to go about 20% into the journey. The more we practice opening up all the channels, the richer and more vibrant the journey – it goes from being standard definition to 3D High Def! This is a great maintenance and strengthening type journey.


Wider, Deeper Breath

Length: 00:08:00 In this quick trip meditation, focus on the quality of your breath to create a more expansive feeling within yourself. Let go of the pieces that no longer serve you on your exhale while inhaling all that life has to offer you that is beautiful and good.



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