Meditation Immersions

Soul Shaman Immersion

The Soul Shaman Immersion: This immersion takes you deep within the core of your being and allows you to find your way back to the spiritual realms to work with your spirit guides, ancestors and to experience shape-shifting and astral travel. We’ll use breathwork, and trance as our primary mode of transportation. In this Immersion, you will experience the three


Alchemist Immersion

The Alchemist Immersion – This immersion takes you through a series of guided meditations, soul-inspired exercises, and insights to assist you in deep transformations, gratitude, forgiveness, and more. You will learn to work with your ancestors, retrieve parts of your lost soul and dive into a world of alchemy, manifestation, and abundance. This Immersion follows the three sequences of Excavation,


The Visionary Meditation Immersion

Take a deep dive into the Visionary Soul Archetype in this meditative journey through the East Direction. We will follow the sequence of Truth, finding the truth which resides deep within your soul and exploring the path towards your sacred purpose. We’ll next enter the realm of Vibration and find ways to reconnect to our purpose. And finally, Perspective, which


Love Warrior Meditation Immersion

The Love Warrior Immersion – This Immersion has 3 “overtures” as we begin our journey into the South Direction with unearthing our Emotions through an exploration of our emotional body. We then move into the Relationship phase where we dive into the inner beloved and what we hold sacred. We end our journey by looking from a new Waking Up about our lives and how we


Mini Immersion: Into the Fire

This 3-Part Mini Immersion focuses on transforming the shadow pieces into strengths, re-birth, and changing your perspective. Meditations included in this Immersion: Shadow Spirits Length: 31:22 In this guided meditation we travel and explore a few layers of the Lower World, meeting with our Power Animal and then with a Shadow Spirit who will help us to recognize where we are


Mini Immersion: Heart Opening

This 3 Part mini Immersion helps you to live a more heart centered space. The meditations included in this Immersion are: The Apple Tree – Heart Opening Length: 29:06 In order to live within our place of divinity and connection, we must live in our heart space. To open our heart by connecting fully and deeply to someone or someplace.


Mini Immersion: Connecting to the Divine

This 3-Part Mini Immersion focuses on re-aligning you with your spirit guides and helping spirits. Meditations Included in this Immersion: Deepening With your Guides Length: 40:51 Our Spirit Guides have been with us from the first breath we took in this life. They are here to guide us, support us, love us. In today’s journey we spend time deepening our


Mini-Immersion: Sacred Purpose

This 3 part Mini Meditation takes you on a journey of discovering your Sacred Purpose. The Meditations included in this Immersion: Planting the Seeds Length: 31:22 Planting seeds is about inspiring new changes, dreams, and planting a garden that yields the type of life we most desire. What we plant now will be the crop we harvest in years to



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