Theme : Inspiration & Awakening

Coming Alive

Length: 00:12:18 Revisit the reasons what makes you come alive and feel your life fully, and what has blocked you from living full out. This quick charge meditation is meant to awaken that sense of your self and to assist you in remembering who you are at the deepest core of your being.


Seeking Clarity

Length: 15:21 This guided meditation is one you can use daily or weekly when seeking clarity, answers, or understanding surrounding a specific intention or question you have. Dakota leads you to opening the heart space, inviting your spirit guides in, setting your intention or question and receiving the guidance your guides have for you.


The Seed

Length: 56:13 Using the Cosmic Octave (136.1 Hz), we go within to nurture and nourish the seed growing in our expanded heart space. With the help of this planetary cosmic rhythm, you will spend time cultivating, nourishing, and bringing this energy to life.


Who Are You Here to Be?

Length: 00:09:43 In this quick trip inspirational meditation, explore who you are here to be, what makes you feel complete and whole, and holy. Why did you choose this incarnation? This life? Remember the pieces of yourself that are magnificent and beautiful, full of love. Great power trip to take in the mornings to energize your beingness for the day ahead of you.



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