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21 Day Authenticity Challenge

21 Day Authenticity Challenge Transform your world in just 21 days to live a more authentic life! Join this challenge at any time.  Each day you will be given a new reflective question, with an added turbo challenge that will deepen the experience.  Life is a journey why not live it inspired, motivated and full of authenticity.  


21 Day Soul Recharge

21 Day Soul Recharge Challenge Transform your life in just 21 days! You will receive a new challenge daily for 21-days. Each challenge gives you a task to do that day which will help you to recharge your soul, create new healthy habits, and be more present in your life. The Soul Recharge Workbook (The workbook is not included in


Awakening the Heart

Awakening the heart and living a heart centered life allows you to see the world through different eyes. Our relationships are deeper and more meaningful, our work is more satisfying and our attention to the miracles happening around us heightens. In this course you will learn how awaken your heart to live a heart centered life. You will learn tools to create a sacred relationship and ways of embracing your Inner Beloved as well as how to integrate these tools into living a more heart centered life.

The course has 4 modules which will be delivered to you 3 days apart from one another. Each module has a teaching, a guided meditation, soul work, and resources to further deepen your exploration.


Dreaming Our Soul Back Home

In this course you will learn the techniques Shaman’s and mystics have used for thousands of years to travel to Non-Ordinary worlds. Each lesson gives you different tools and understanding, and work together to create soulful journeys for you to explore.

Each week you will receive a new module. Each module contains a video teaching, activity pack with exercises to deepen your learning, a guided Shamanic Journey, and resources to further your quest for more knowledge.


Nuts & Bolts of Shamanic Journeying

In this 2.5 hour workshop, you will explore the world of Shamanic Journeying. Some of the topics covered: What is Shamanism and a Shaman Global Consciousness The Difference between Shamanic Journeying and Guided Meditation The Trance How we experience our journeys The Shaman’s Horse and the Hollow Bone What you can do within a journey Explanation of the Three worlds




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