Theme : Self Love, Inner Beloved, Higher Self

Awakening the Heart

Awakening the heart and living a heart centered life allows you to see the world through different eyes. Our relationships are deeper and more meaningful, our work is more satisfying and our attention to the miracles happening around us heightens. In this course you will learn how awaken your heart to live a heart centered life. You will learn tools to create a sacred relationship and ways of embracing your Inner Beloved as well as how to integrate these tools into living a more heart centered life. The course has 4 modules which will be delivered to you 3 days apart from one another. Each module has a teaching, a guided meditation, soul work, and resources to further deepen your exploration.


Channeling the Divine

Length: 29:56 In this guided meditation, Dakota takes you through a process of channeling the messages of your own divinity, or Higher Self. You’ll be led through a series of questions which you will actually hand write a response to, allowing you to access that inner wisdom that resides within you. This is an active meditation so you will need a pen, paper and to create sacred space prior to the meditation.


Divine & Sacred Feminine

Length: 25:53 As we move into this new time, we move into a beautiful time of embracing the sacred feminine. In today’s journey we tap into that energy and bring it into our heart space.


Empowering the Soul

Length: 30:41 Sometimes we lose our power and it leaves us disconnected. In today’s journey we reconnect to our divine essence and tap back into that universal flow of energy and empowerment. We empower ourselves to step back into our full divinity and become who we are meant to be.


Inner Beloved

Length: 32:01 This journey takes you into a world of self discovery, finding those parts of ourselves that is beautiful, magnificent, and worthy of our own love. Inner Beloved is about falling in love with the spirit of who you are.


Inner Sanctuary

This guided shamanic journey was featured on Insight Timer This immersive guided meditation leads you into a sacred circle of transformation releasing anything not serving you and to find within the inner sanctuary of your heart, the seed of your soul. Often, we forget who we are, and this seed lies dormant within. You’ll breathe life back into this seed,


Journey to Our Higher Self

Length: 39:01 Our higher self is the part of us which is always connected, always tapped into the Source of all. This is the part of us that resides outside of ego and utilizes a wisdom based out of love and compassion. By tapping back into this side, we open our hearts even wider. In this guided meditation we do just that … we take a journey to reconnect.


Loving Unconditionally

Length: 34:05 When we love unconditionally we give ourselves the gift of freedom. We view the world around us from the perspective of our higher self and are able to attract into our life all that is beautiful and deep, and connected. In this guided meditation we open up the heart to allow ourselves to step fully into unconditional love – both by giving and receiving.


Manifesting Love

Length: 41:23 In this movement meditation, Dakota leads you through opening up your body and soul to attracting and becoming love. By nurturing the untapped reservoir of love held within, we grow this seed into a fire as we become the music, become the fluid dance of love. This is a deeply connective meditation, allowing you to create the space within to attract the authentic love you desire in your relationships with others, as well as your relationship to the Beloved.


Mini Immersion: Heart Opening

This 3 Part mini Immersion helps you to live a more heart centered space. Each meditation comes with a Deepening the Experience / Tools for Practice section. The meditations included in this Immersion are: The Apple Tree – Heart Opening Length: 29:06 In order to live within our place of divinity and connection, we must live in our heart space.


Mystery of the Soul

Length: 33:52 In today’s guided meditation we peel back the layers of our humanness, we put our mind to rest and witness this great mystery we call the soul. Using a connected breath we will use breathwork as a vehicle to our soulscape to meet with Elder Light Beings who will show us the essence of our Soul.


Soul Shaman Immersion

The Soul Shaman Immersion: This immersion takes you deep within the core of your being and allows you to find your way back to the spiritual realms to work with your spirit guides, ancestors and to experience shape-shifting and astral travel. We'll use breathwork, and trance as our primary mode of transportation. In this Immersion, you will experience the three


Twin Flames : An Eternity of Love (Compilation of 4 Meditations)

This compilation includes 4 Guided Journeys which will help you to find, reconnect, and experience the energy and love of your Twin Flame. Whether you are together in this lifetime or not, these journeys will assist you in transcending time and space to find deep communion with that part of your soul that you have searched for lifetime, after lifetime. Twin Flames were born in the same sacred womb as one but as they emerged and the soul was birthed, it birthed into two separate lineages. Throughout time these two strands of the same soul have evolved, ebbed and flowed in and out of one another’s lives. They come together to complete the union, and together their energy creates a vortex in which many things are created and expanded. The energy that draws and pulls these two soul parts together is undeniable, and can produce a deep ache when they are unable to be together. These meditations help to ease that ache by providing a safe and sacred space to commune.


Twin Flames: Conception & Emergence

Length: 25:42 In this guided meditation, you will unite with your Twin Flame and journey back in time to the point of your soul’s incarnation. Reunite in the sacred womb as one soul, emerging as two and be a witness to the lifetimes you have shared with one another. Through the power of music, and breathwork, this journey will help you and your twin flame to gain a better understanding of your lives together as well as create a beautiful moment of being able to share space with one another.


Twin Flames: Journey of a Thousand Lifetimes

Length: 26:03 In this guided meditation, you will unite with your Twin Flame in a space of deep connection and bonding. This meditation is helpful for those who have met or know who their twin flame is but are unable to be together in this lifetime or because of certain circumstances do not allow for their union. During this time, you can energetically connect with and hold that space for one another and allow the energy you feel towards one another be released.


Twin Flames: Reuniting with Our Twin Flame

Length: 29:39 When our Soul is born it splits into two, creating two souls who will traverse time and space, each one on their own path. Often they are complete opposites to make a complete whole. And when the time is right, these two halves come together. In today’s journey we go to the spirit plane to meet our twin soul.


Waking up Your Inner Child

Length: 22:47 Return to the innocence of your childhood, seeing your world through the fearless eyes you once had. During this journey you will commune with the helping spirits of your guides, animals of the forest, and spirit guides as you uncover those lost dreams you had while growing up and tap into that joy of playfulness.


Who am I

Length: 28:59 In this guided meditation we take an assessment of our life – who we are, what we love, what changes we need to make, etc. Taking a walk through nature to ponder these questions gives us the needed integration and resources to be able to find the answers we seek. This journey helps you to clear out the old and make room for the new.



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