Meditations Under 15 Minutes

Coming Alive

Length: 00:12:18

Revisit the reasons what makes you come alive and feel your life fully, and what has blocked you from living full out. This quick charge meditation is meant to awaken that sense of your self and to assist you in remembering who you are at the deepest core of your being.


Counting Sheep

Length: 00:09:18

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? In this innovative short meditation, Dakota takes on the old wise adage of counting sheep to an entirely different level. You will be dreaming gently by the end of the meditation!


Who Are You Here to Be

In this quick trip inspirational meditation, explore who you are here to be, what makes you feel complete and whole, and holy. Why did you choose this incarnation? This life?


Wider, Deeper Breath

Length: 00:08:00

In this quick trip meditation, focus on the quality of your breath to create a more expansive feeling within yourself. Let go of the pieces that no longer serve you on your exhale while inhaling all that life has to offer you that is beautiful and good.



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