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The concept of Soul Archetypes of the Medicine Wheel refers to the archetypes that we embody and the energies that influence us, based on the four directions of the Medicine Wheel. Each of the archetypes holds unique qualities, strengths, and challenges. In the East, we have the Visionaries who are structured, analytical, and have a deep connection to the intellect. In the South, we have the Sacred Heart Warriors, who are intuitive, empathic, and in tune with the heart. The Alchemists of the West are masters of transformation, embodying the qualities of death and rebirth. Lastly, the Soul Shamans of the North are deeply rooted in their spiritual path, representing the wisdom of the ancestors and the power of the unknown.


Meditation teacher and founder of the Soul Archetype structure, Dakota Earth Cloud Walker, has dedicated herself to creating guided meditations that are geared towards each of the soul archetypes. Her teachings help individuals to explore their unique qualities and embrace their soul’s path, as well as identify areas that may require more focus and attention. Through working with the Soul Archetypes, one can gain a better understanding of themselves and their purpose in life, ultimately leading to a deeper sense of fulfillment and inner peace.

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